Bhagya Lakshmi 31st May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 31st May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 31st May 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 31st May 2023 episode starts with Malishka getting scared as she gets a call from Neelam and thinks that now she has to attend court hearings with Neelam and answer her questions.

Malishka receives the call and tries to make Neelam believe, they are all right and coming home when Neelam worriedly bombards the questions on Malishka.

On the other side, Karishma tries to calm Neelam down after hearing Malishka's answer while Malishka hangs up the call by praying to god to nullify the 'markesh dosha'.

Elsewhere, Shalu and Ayush start looking for the auto, to follow the delivery boy and the situation gets hilarious as the auto driver thinks that they are robbers and going to rob the person, coming out from the jewellery shop.

The auto driver tells them to step down the auto so Ayush gets irritated and asks the auto driver if they look like a robber while showing Shalu's face to him.

Finally, Ayush makes the auto driver understand the scenario and tells him to keep an eye on the jewellery shop.

Meanwhile, at Vikrant's house, Vikrant ignores Malishka's suggestion while muttering that Lakshmi is a mature person who has already left her past behind and he shouldn't doubt Lakshmi.

In the meantime, Ayush orders a tea for everyone but the auto driver gets annoyed by waiting and asks Ayush to let him go.

Just then, Shalu notices the delivery boy coming out of the store and tells Ayush about it.

Ayush confuses the auto driver by referring to the auto as an airplane and telling him to warm up the engine and take off his airplane to follow the delivery boy when Shalu angrily looks at Ayush.

By that time, the auto driver starts enjoying Ayush's company and he informs Ayush that the delivery boy is speeding up his bike while Ayush tells him to speed up his airplane.

Meanwhile, Neelam gets restless and tells Karishma that she will not forgive Malishka if Malishka is lying to her or hiding something from her while Karishma tries to tell Neelam that they shouldn't burden Malishka with their insecurities.

On the other side, the auto driver stops the auto at the signal and keeps looking back to enjoy Ayush's joke when Ayush asks the auto driver if he looks like a cartoon network or joker.

Just then, the signal turns green and they are about to miss the delivery boy when Shalu shouts while pointing out the delivery boy, taking a left turn.

On the other side, Rishi, Malishka, and Lakshmi reach the Oberoi house Lakshmi enters the house first when Malishka keeps arguing with Rishi for not opening a car door for her.

Meanwhile, Neelam keeps walking in the living room when Lakshmi enters the house and gets surprised by seeing that Lakshmi is not wearing the mangal sutra.

However, Lakshmi walks to her room when Karishma arrogantly tells Neelam that she told Lakshmi to remove it.

Soon after that, Rishi and Malishka enter the house while holding hands and Neelam worriedly rushes to Rishi, asking if he is okay.

Rishi reminds the conversation between Neelam and Panditji while replying to Neelam as he is alright but suddenly, Neelam asks Malishka why she shouted on the call.

Since Malishka gets nervous, Rishi tries to answer Neelam by thinking that Malishka will blame Lakshmi.

However, Neelam sends Rishi to his room while waiting for Malishka's reply and gets shocked when Malishka explains to her about the accident.

Later, in Lakshmi's room, Lakshmi gets emotional while looking into the mirror and just then, Malishka walks into her room and warns Lakshmi to remove Rishi from her life same as the mangalsutra.

However, Lakshmi gets shocked when Malishka asks about Rishi and her presence in the diamond room when Vikrant and she come to look for them.

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