Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd April 2024 episode starts with Ranjit making Paro talk with Lakshmi while Paro asks her to not come there as they are bad people and asks her to inform Rishi and the police about it.

However, Lakshmi asks Paro if she is fine, after which Paro assures her that she can protect herself and Ranjit cuts the call asking her to come there without informing the police.

Meanwhile, Paro wishes that Rishi would come soon while Lakshmi panics to go to Ranjit after which Shalu advises her to take the police with them but Lakshmi refuses saying it might anger Ranjit and he can harm Paro.

There, Rishi has lost the way and is unable to find the way while Rohan tells Harleen about Paro's kidnap and Rishi's departure to save her and they start to pray for Paro's safety.

On the other hand, Lakshmi and Shalu reach the place but Shalu advises Lakshmi to find a way of escaping first as Ranjit might plan to blackmail her into marrying him for Paro but Lakshmi shouldn't obey him.

Meanwhile, Ranjit prepares for his and Lakshmi's wedding with Pandit Ji after which, Rishi is shown finding Paro but can't just then he receives Ayush's call who expresses his worry through the call for Paro but Rishi assures him as well as Manpreet.

After that, Malishka comes to her house and complains to Kiran about how Rishi left her alone in Delhi to go and save Paro from the kidnappers and she realizes her worth in Rishi's life.

She adds, that how she always wished that Rishi would accept her love someday but it didn't happen, while Kiran says that Malishka shouldn't have come here, after which Malishka states that she was feeling so low and thus came here and asks Kiran to let her stay there.

However, Kiran asks her to go back to Oberoi's house and she can't stay there shocking Malishka, while Ranjit teases Paro about his and Lakshmi's wedding but Paro shows her trust in god that he can't marry Lakshmi forcefully and thinks Rishi must be coming there.

There, Lakshmi and Shalu find a gate to escape but there is a lock on it so Lakshmi tries to unlock it through her hairpin but can't, while Kiran asks Malishka to go back to Rishi and help him in finding Paro as then Rishi will understand her love and care and might step ahead in their marriage.

Meanwhile, Malishka likes her idea and goes from there after which Lakshmi tries to unlock the door but just then Ranjit's man comes there to check.

However, Lakshmi and Shalu hide from him and also unlock the door, and decide to go and save Paro while Ranjit asks his men to take Paro somewhere else so he can blackmail Lakshmi easily for the wedding but Paro escapes and sees Rishi.

After that, before she can call Rishi, Ranjit's men catch her again while Ranjit plans to do something to fool Lakshmi after which Lakshmi decides to save Paro at any cost and teach a lesson to Ranjit.

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