Bhagya Lakshmi 4th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Ranjit's men with Paro seeing Rishi on the road looking for Paro so they decide to distract him.

A man goes to Rishi and says to him that the kidnappers have gone in another direction with Paro and that Rishi should stop them after which Rishi believes him and is about to go but Paro throws a stone at him to grab his attention.

However, before Rishi can see Paro turning around the man hides with Paro again while another man asks Rishi to go after the goons so he leaves.

Further, two more of Ranjit's men come there, and the other ones ask them to distract Rishi while they take Paro with them to hide her.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi and Shalu enter Ranjit's place and find no one there just then Lakshmi sees a sack on the chair and understands that it is Paro.

However, Shalu tries to alert her that it might be a trap as no one is around but Lakshmi doesn't listen to her and goes there while Shalu follows her.

There, Rishi runs on the instructed route and understands that he is doomed by that guy and it must be the plan of the kidnappers to distract him.

As he tries to return the goons attack him and try to scare him with a gun while Rishi asks them to leave Paro but the goons ask him to mind his own business otherwise they won't leave him, Paro, or, Lakshmi.

After that, Rishi beats them up while a goon asks him what relation he has with Paro after which he says he is Paro's dad and won't go without taking her.

On the other hand, Lakshmi doesn't find Paro in the sack just then Ranjit comes there and forces Lakshmi to marry him to get Paro while Lakshmi asks him to return Paro.

Meanwhile, Ranjit stays firm on his stand that Lakshmi will get Paro only after marrying him after which Shalu concludes Paro has run away which makes Ranjit anxious, and he tries to cover it up.

There, Paro is shown escaping from Ranjit's men's clutches and Lakshmi gets the stick to beat Ranjit and his man and warns them about a mother's wrath.

Just then, Ranjit's man calls him to inform him that they have caught Paro and also distracted Rishi after which they make Lakshmi and Paro talk through a video call where Ranjit scares Lakshmi using Paro while Paro asks her to not marry Ranjit.

Meanwhile, Shalu tries to take Lakshmi away saying they will save Paro with the help of the police and the villagers, but she doesn't need to marry Ranjit while Rishi overpowers Ranjit's goons.

However, Ranjit is successful in blackmailing Lakshmi using Paro so she gets ready to marry him while Ranjit's men beat Rishi.

There, Harleen and Rohan pray for Paro and soon Anushka joins them as Harleen asked her.

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