Bhagya Lakshmi 4th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th October 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 4th October 2023 episode starts with Neelam stating that she knew her son would come back to her.

However, Rishi asks her what is she doing and tells her what would happen to him if something had happened to her.

Neelam's dream shatters

She tells him that she is better now that he is here while Rishi talks about how he thought he was doing everything after thinking about it.

Neelam blames Lakshmi about it and says that she was sure Rishi would have returned to her and if not, she would have taken her last breaths.

Rishi tells her to not speak about it and sends Mukesh to get juice for Neelam while Karishma praises Rishi for returning.

Neelam tells Rishi to not even utter Lakshmi's name in the house and takes the glass of juice from Mukesh's hand making Neelam drink it.

Karishma goes to Kiran and tells her that Neelam will convince Rishi to get married to Malishka too.

Suddenly, Neelam is brought back from her hallucination as Harleen tells her that Rishi did not come back.

Neelam states that she knows Rishi is just messing with her and goes to the door shouting for him to come inside as she knows that he is hiding.

She returns inside and asks all the people if they heard Rishi calling her and everyone keeps their head down unable to answer her.

Neelam finally realizes that Rishi did not return and questions Virender why he didn't bring back Rishi.

Neelam falls unconscious 

She blames Lakshmi for it and cries that she was proud of her upbringing but Lakshmi has broken her confidence in her upbringing.

She falls to the ground in sobs while Malishka comes downstairs and asks if Rishi returns.

However, seeing Neelam's state, Malishka gets angry as she thinks that it must have been Lakshmi who stopped Rishi from returning.

Neelam tries to climb the stairs but is about to fall when Malishka rushes and helps her.

Recalling the promise she made to Malishka, Neelam pats her head and falls unconscious.

On the other hand, Aayush is on his way to Rishi's home when Shalu calls him and informs him about Virender's visit.

He tells her that he will talk to her face-to-face as he is on his way there only.

Back at Oberoi's house, Malishka feeds medicine to Neelam and lays her down while Kiran tells Virender how Malishka is caring for Neelam when she is neither the daughter-in-law nor the daughter of the house while Rishi is playing on Lakshmi's fingers.

She scolds Virender for not bringing Rishi back while he tells her to shut up and states that Neelam is the one to blame as Rishi did not return because he knows he will not be able to return to Lakshmi if he comes.

Flashback shows, Lakshmi, requesting Rishi to go home to Neelam while Rishi tells Virender that he will return home if Virender states that he did wrong by supporting Lakshmi.

Aayush brings a gift for Rishi

Virender says that in that case, he will take his leave as he knows that Rishi did not make any wrong decisions and leaves telling Lakshmi to think about her own happiness.

Back in the present, Virender tells the family he told Rishi to stay there while Lakshmi is trying to convince Rishi to return to Neelam and scolds Karishma for thinking wrong.

He tells her to not worry about Neelam he will take care of his wife while Lakshmi continues trying to convince Rishi to return home.

Sonal tells Malishka that she does not think the marriage will happen while Malishka tells her to shut up as she has a black tongue.

Neelam regains consciousness and Virender tells her to eat for him and tries to explain to her that Rishi will go even further from her if she continues trying to blackmail him.

Rishi asks about Aayush stating that he needs to go to the office as an employee and as he still knows his responsibility.

Aayush comes there with clothes and refuses to take money from Rishi stating that they should not bring money in between their relationship.

Further, Aayush informs them about Neelam bringing Malishka home as the daughter-in-law.

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