Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Ranjith waiting for Lakshmi to arrive as his bride.

Meanwhile, Paro is strapped on a chair with a tape fixed on her mouth.

Just then, the pandit says that he thought Ranjith was a good guy but his colours changed in a mere few minutes. 

Shalu is also tied to a chair, unable to speak, while Lakshmi arrives in a bridal outfit, not liking anything that is happening.

Ranjith gets happy while Lakshmi's heart pounds in her chest, seeing Paro tied to a chair via the laptop screen.

She unwillingly sits down on the mandap while Shalu wants to scream at Lakshmi to not sit there.

Meanwhile, Paro struggles on her spot while the goons warn her to make a move or else they will slap her.

However, they both end up laughing as Paro will soon be Ranjith's daughter and they start dancing in happiness.

At the mandap spot, Ranjith sees how it is paining Lakshmi to see Paro like this so he asks his goons to slide the laptop away.

Shalu struggles after which she gets slapped by the goon lady to keep her mouth shut.

Lakshmi almost sits from her spot, requesting Ranjith not to hit her sister while Ranjith asks the priest to start the wedding ceremony now and finish it fast.

Lakshmi prays to God to send someone to help her as now is not the time to entirely give up.

On the other hand, the thugs catch Rishi outside and inform him that their leader is getting married and until that is finished, no trouble should be made.

They lead him inside after which both Paro and Rishi are shocked to see each other.

Internally, Paro says that now her dad is here, he will teach these goons some manners. 

Meanwhile, Shalu also realises that Rohan's dad is there via the laptop screen and sees how he is beating the goons left and right.

Just then, one of the goons is about to hit Paro's head with a wooden log but Rishi covers her and gets so angry.

He whips his head in the goon's direction and thrashes him on the floor.

After an intense brawl, Rishi unties Paro and hugs her while Paro tells him how her mother also got trapped by the bad guy and he is trying to forcefully marry her.

Hearing Paro makes Rishi mumble that once upon a time, he saved someone dear in a similar situation while on the other hand, Ayush gets stressed as he hasn't been able to reach Rishi.

Meanwhile, Ranjith forces Lakshmi to complete the ritual around the holy fire but she doesn't move.

He tells her to make it quick while Shalu realizes that Paro has been saved by Rohan's dad as she cannot see anyone on the laptop screen now.

Out of the blue, Lakshmi takes the wooden log from the holy fire and aims it at Ranjith.

Taking advantage of the situation falling in their lap, Shalu is also untied from the chair and both the sisters stand fearlessly threatening Ranjith and his men.

Shalu informs Lakshmi that Paro is saved which makes Ranjith rebuke his guy.

However, soon, he makes the lit on wooden log fall from Lakshmi and Shalu's hand which makes both of them defendless while Rishi and Paro enter the same godwon where all this is happening.

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