Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Karishma questioning Lakshmi that why she hid that from them.

She adds Lakshmi played a game with them by keeping an innocent face after which she says that Lakshmi surprises her always but this time she hid such a huge thing why.

Meanwhile, Dadi interrupts and says that it's not about right but the happiness they have got after knowing Paro belongs to their family and she is their blood so they shouldn't fight but mend the broken relationships as not everyone get the this chance.

After that, Malishka comes forward and says that why Dadi always forget about her after which Ayush asks her to stay silent as the elders are talking but Malishka says that it's not Ayush but her whose house is getting broken so she'll speak.

Then, she says that Ayush should stay silent as he doesn't even consider her as his sister-in-law after which Avinash tries to calm Malishka down but Karishma asks him to let Malishka say as she is right.

Further, Lakshmi says that she agrees with Malishka that she should handle her house while Karishma says Malishka doesn't need her advice after which Neelam asks them to calm down and asks Lakshmi why she hid the truth from them.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi says that there are many reasons behind it but the prime reason is Rishi as she doesn't think Rishi can be a good father after which Rishi asks her to stop saying that as he has raised Rohan well also Paro says him dad because she feels he is a good father then how can Lakshmi say that.

However, Lakshmi says that she used to think Rishi will be a good husband to her as he promises her but he couldn't that's why as a mother she thinks that Paro won't be able to get the love she deserves at Oberoi's house.

After that, Neelam says that Paro is her granddaughter thus she'll stay there while Lakshmi says that how can she trust Neelam when she used to hate Paro then why suddenly she changed then Neelam says that the blood relations matter for her the most.

She adds, Paro is their blood thus she'll stay there after which a fight happen between Lakshmi's family and Oberoi's family where Lakshmi firmly denies to let Paro stay with Oberoi's family.

Then, Krish tells them about Paro falling into the borewell after which everyone worries for Paro while Rohan says it has happened due to him but Malishka says it was Lakshmi who sent Paro to play there.

Further, they try to talk with Paro but she doesn't reply after which Neelam blames Lakshmi for the incident.

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