Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 episode starts with Rishi driving the car while listening to Lakshmi's favorite music and vibing. Meanwhile, Ayush calls and inquires as to where he is going to which  Rishi responds by saying he'll meet Mr. Jaiswal, but Ayush informs him that Mr. Jaiswal is not present and Rishi can go home.

As Rishi hangs up the phone, Leela calls Rishi to ask him which proposal he chose for Lakshmi, to which Rishi reacts that he chose the proposals but later didn't like any of them, so he will take his time deciding.

Meanwhile, Malishka walks into the kitchen and looks at the kheer. She pours a liquid into it and murmurs to herself that when Lakshmi eats it, her lips will swell and she will be in pain for so long that she will understand the consequences of kissing Rishi.

The maid overheard everything Malishka said and informs her that she will warn everyone about what Malishka is doing.

Malishka stops her, tries to hurt her, and orders the maid to keep her mouth shut or else Malishka will jail her if she tells everyone the truth.

Meanwhile, Malishka is taken aback when Neelam appears. She quickly takes the liquid bottle so Neelam doesn't notice it, but as she does so, the liquid falls into the milk as well.

Neelam asks Malishka what she is doing in the kitchen, to which she replies that she came to drink water and then exits the kitchen, leaving Neelam to begin preparing the coconut milk smoothie.

Harleen then asks Lakshmi if the Kheer is ready, to which Lakshmi responds that it is, and this time Lakshmi did work twice as hard on the Kheer.

Hearing this, Harleen declares that she will eat all of the kheer from the pan and claims that Lakshmi's kheer is always so delicious.

Harleen then takes Lakshmi away with her.  Meanwhile, Shalu is terrified because she sees Rano ruining Lakshmi's life and keeping all of the money.

Shalu attempts to open the locker but discovers it is locked. She then searches under the mattress for the keys and finds it. 

When Bani arrives to inform Shalu that the food is ready, she notices her with the keys and instructs her to open the locker because it is Vahe Guru's sign to assist Lakshmi and teach Rano a lesson.

Malishka is concerned because she fears Neelam will swell her lips if she tastes the Kheer. She then consoles herself by telling that nothing like that will happen and imagines Lakshmi with swollen lips. She continues to laugh and murmurs that Lakshi should get that for kissing her Rishi.

Meanwhile, Rano walks in and asks Shalu and Bani if they saw her locker keys, but when she sees the keys in Shalu's hand, she suspects they did open it.

Bani tells Rano that they would never dare to touch the locker, and she and Shalu leave the room.

While Lakshmi enters the kitchen to taste the Kheer, Malishka stands outside, watching Lakshmi's lips swell.

However, Lakshmi does not taste the Kheer and recalls how badly Daddi aka Harleen wanted to taste the Kheer first.

Malishka is terrified when she sees this because she knows that if Harleen tastes the Kheer and her lips swell, Malishka will be in danger.

Malishka tries to take the Kheer from Dadi as everyone sits at the dining table to eat, but she refuses.

Malishka then tries to snatch it from Harleen's grasp, which causes to tumble off the Kheer and onto the floor.

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