Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Paro insisting to Rishi that she'll accompany him to save Lakshmi but Rishi asks her to not be stubborn.

However, Paro asks him to not be adamant which makes him remember Lakshmi so he asks her to come with him but doesn't do any mischief.

There, Ranjit tries to scare Lakshmi and Shalu but they start beating his goons after which Ranjit decides to burn Shalu's face to force Lakshmi to marry him just then Rishi comes there and takes him aside before he can hurt Shalu but can't see the faces of Lakshmi and Shalu.

After that, Paro comes to Lakshmi and Shalu and tells them about Rishi rescuing them, after which Shalu says that they should escape from there now but Paro says that they shouldn't escape leaving Rishi, and Lakshmi supports her, but Shalu takes them.

Meanwhile, Shalu tries to explain to them that if they escape then only Rishi can escape too, while Rishi and Ranjit fight and Ranjit's men gain consciousness and find Lakshmi, Shalu, and Paro have escaped so they go to find Ranjit.

There, Ranjit's men come to Rishi and catch him after which, Ranjit says he'll kill Rishi because of him Lakshmi escapes but Rishi overpowers them and says to Ranjit that good always wins over evil and now he is there to protect them.

On the other hand, Lakshmi and her family feel relieved after escaping the problem and credit Rishi for it but then get worried that he is stuck there so they decide to save him.

After that, Lakshmi asks Shalu and Paro to go to the police station and bring the police while she goes to save Rishi.

Meanwhile, Malishka goes to meet Detective Surendra to find Paro and thinks then Rishi will be impressed with her.

There, Paro gets the sprain running but Shalu motivates her to run until they reach the police station after which Paro tries but can't do so Shalu makes her hide in a hut kind of structure and asks her to not come out of it until she comes back or the villagers come while she goes to call the police.

Meanwhile, Paro prays to save Rishi and Lakshmi after which Lakshmi reaches there but finds Ranjit beating his men and Rishi not around which makes her confused.

On the other hand, Rishi searches for Lakshmi and Paro on the road but can't find them near the place where Paro is hidden, just then Paro sees him and notices a scorpion is near Rishi so she saves him and tells him about Lakshmi going to save him.

After that, Rishi hides Paro again in the same place and goes to save Lakshmi while Malishka meets Detective Surendra who tells her about the enmity between Lakshmi and Ranjit but just then Malishka gets a call so she missed to see Lakshmi's image.

There, Lakshmi and Rishi are confused and search for each other at Ranjit's place while he orders his men to find Lakshmi.

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