Bhagya Lakshmi 6th July 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Neelam asking to stop Lakshmi to talk sweetly while Rishi and Ayush call out Paro's name in the borewell but get no response after which Neelam warns Lakshmi that nothing should happen to Paro then Rishi assures her that nothing will happen to Paro.

After that, he and Ayush think why the disaster management hasn't come yet just then they come there and the media asks covering the incident that the disaster management has come and now Paro's rescue operation will be started.

However, a rescue officer asks them to be on the side and co-operate with them after which they make a setup to rescue Paro then a officer addresses the crowd saying that these types of incidents has happened many times but it's not normal even for them.

He adds, that it differentiates situation wise and even they learn from the experiences thus they expect them to co-operate while they are starting the rescue operation.

There, Neelam says that don't know how's Paro while Lakshmi says that Paro isn't even giving response after which Rishi asks them to quickly rescue Paro.

Meanwhile, the officers ask them to be patient after which they can't be patient and continues to poke them while the officers say that they are sending a camera in borewell to see Paro's condition.

After that, he says that Paro isn't responding that means she can be faint and he doesn't want to say about the other possibility for now then the family tries to see Paro on the computer screens but couldn't see her after which the officer says they'll send another camera as it couldn't reach Paro.

Further, Lakshmi blames herself for the incident as she brought Paro here while Rishi assures her that he'll save Paro and accept her which makes Malishka worried that Lakshmi might come back home due to Paro.

However, Anushka says it won't happen as Neelam doesn't want Lakshmi back after which Malishka says it's more bad because then Rishi can even leave the house for Paro and Lakshmi.

There, Karishma says to Aanchal that Lakshmi and Neelam both are adamant but they have to sort the matter and she thinks they should let Paro go with Lakshmi while Aanchal asks her to not even think that as Neelam won't agree for it.

After that, the family sees Paro unconscious in the borewell as the officers send another camera while they discuss she might have died due to the falling from the height after which Neelam overhears it and scolds them.

Later, Rishi calms her and Aanchal and Karishma try to make him believe that Lakshmi is bad mother for Paro as she gets into the problems due to her as Ranjit kidnapped her then she ran away from Lakshmi then got kidnapped again.

However, Rishi says that she didn't elope from Lakshmi but she wanted to stay there and Lakshmi was taking her to the village while Rano overhears that after which the officers say they have to expand the borewell to reach Paro but it has risk too as the soil will fall on Paro.

There, Lakshmi asks them to do what they feel right while Rano tells Lakshmi that her doubt about Rishi was right, Rishi is trying to prove Paro loves him more.

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