Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 episode starts with Harleen asking Neelam if she is all right which leaves Neelam a bit surprised.

Neelam asks Harleen why she is asking such a thing to her to which Harleen replies that even though she argues with her, she cares for Neelam as her mother-in-law.

Harleen says that she tries to stand by the right thing but if Neelam felt hurt by any of her words, then she is sorry for her.

Neelam says that the trouble is already going away from their house to which Harleen says that she never wanted Lakshmi to leave their house and marry any other man.

Virendra enters and says that they cannot do anything against fate but he is giving his best to ensure that Lakshmi stays happy after marrying Vikrant.

Rishi and Ayush enter the house with Rishi asking Ayush to forget everything while Ayush stops and asks Rishi what he would do if he got to know that Lakshmi is marrying the wrong person.

Rishi says that he would have stopped the marriage anyhow to which Ayush replies that he is also doing the same thing as Lakshmi is like a mother figure to him.

Ayush says that he just needs to collect evidence to prove his point and everything will be all right.

Meanwhile, Bani tries to talk to Shalu after she returns home but Rano comes there and calls Shalu "Daandevi" (charity goddess).

Rano shouts at Shalu for not accepting Ayush's gift at the jewellery store and giving it to her or Neha if she did not want it.

Shalu glares at Rano which makes Rano angry and she asks Shalu to look down as there are expenses to raise them by herself.

As Rano continues to insult Shalu, Shalu asks Rano to stop saying such things while Rano warns Shalu to keep her tongue in check.

Bani drags Shalu away from there and asks her to tell her everything and Shalu says that everything got ruined even after they discovered Vikrant's truth.

Shalu feels bad for Ayush as he got scolded by Rishi and even Lakshmi would not believe them unless they have any evidence.

Lakshmi comes to Rishi's room and asks him if he came to the jewellery shop while following her but Rishi does not give her any clear answer which makes her frustrated.

As Lakshmi asks Rishi not to interfere in her matters and leave her in the hands of her fate, Rishi remembers the priest's words and says that he cannot do so.

Lakshmi says that Vikrant is there to worry about her as he even asked her if she is marrying him on her own wish which shows how considerate he is.

Meanwhile, Bani and Shalu talk to Ayush with demotivated spirits but Ayush tries to uplift their mood by saying that they would surely succeed in revealing the truth soon.

Ayush says that they just need to find out the woman who was with Vikrant and they would succeed in exposing Vikrant.

Later, Rishi and Lakshmi watch the moon at the same time and Rishi regrets realizing his love for Lakshmi so late while Lakshmi thinks about letting Rishi go now from her heart.

The next day, Harleen asks Lakshmi if she is truly happy while getting married to Vikrant to which Lakshmi agrees.

On the other hand, Anjana asks Vikrant not to go to the office but Vikrant does not agree until Saloni comes there and leaves after having a bitter expression.

Lakshmi works in the kitchen and takes out a container from the upper shelf where the knife gets imbalanced and is about to fall on Lakshmi while she is standing underneath the shelf.

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