Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Malishka telling everyone that she and Rishi faced a lot of struggle during their marriage.

She shows her wedding lehenga which was selected by Rishi and she also tells everyone that she got to know more about Rishi during her honeymoon period while Lakshmi notices everything which brings tears to her eyes.

After that, she runs along with Parvati from there but Parvati insists she stay there and enjoy the function but Lakshmi lies to her that Shalu's aunt is missing her.

Parvati does not listen to her and says that she will call Shalu and asks her to wait for some time after that she runs away from there after which Lakshmi also comes behind her.

Lakshmi hides behind the pillar but Malishka notices her and becomes anxious after which she asks the guests to come in front so that she can notice Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi again secretly takes away Parvati from there but Parvati runs by manipulating Lakshmi from there while Malishka again notices Lakshmi and she comes to see her.

Malishka gets shocked to see Lakshmi and touches her to make sure that Lakshmi is alive or not after which she realizes that Lakshmi is alive and she asks her why she has come back.

Lakshmi does not say anything Neelam also gets to know that Lakshmi is there after which Rishi goes to search for her but cannot find anywhere.

Malishka asks Lakshmi why is she there and if she wants to take away Rishi from her after which Lakshmi assures her that she does not want to come into her life.

Lakshmi asks her why is she afraid of her and asks if she isn't living happily with Rishi after which Malishka starts crying and begging in front of her to go away from there.

After that, Lakshmi says that if she wants then she can still live with Rishi but she won't do it after which Rishi comes there while Lakshmi runs away from there so that Rishi cannot notice her.

Rishi meets Malishka and asks her if she saw Lakshmi or not after which Malishka tells him that she hasn't seen her as she isn't there in this world so how can see her.

Then, Rishi goes away from there, but Neelam asks him to meet Kiran as she has come there to wish anniversary him and Malishka after which both of them meet Kiran while Malishka gets to know that Parvati is Lakshmi's daughter which makes her anxious.

She does not behave well after which Kiran becomes worried and holds her hand and takes her to a different room after she asks her what happened then Malishka tells her that Parvati is Lakshmi's daughter which surprises Kiran.

On the other hand, Dadi tells Ayush that she finds Rishi good only with Lakshmi not with Malishka after which Ayush thinks that if Dadi will get to know that Lakshmi is alive then she will become happy.

He is about to tell her but Rishi takes him away from her and tells him that Lakshmi came there at his anniversary party but she refuses to live with him anymore.

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