Bhagya Lakshmi 7th July 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rano telling Lakshmi that maybe Rishi wants to prove that Paro doesn't have attachment with her that's why she didn't even want to go to the village with her and she wants to live here with Rishi and his family.

After that, Lakshmi says that but Paro is a child who doesn't understand things while Rano says but she is understanding that Rishi and the others are joining hands against her after which Lakshmi says that she doesn't care they can do whatever they want.

However, Rano says that why Lakshmi isn't understanding that Rishi is tagging her as a bad mother while Ayush tries to intervene but in vain after which Lakshmi says that she can be anything bad but she is a good mother.

Then, Rano and Shalu go from there while Aanchal asks Rishi to understand that Lakshmi isn't the bad mother after which Rishi says it's not like that.

Meanwhile, Karishma says it's true because Lakshmi has failed to give Paro a good upbringing that's why Paro doesn't even listen to Lakshmi.

There, Neelam says that today's kids don't listen to anyone but Lakshmi has failed to give Paro the emotional warmth which is needed to kids upbringing.

After that, Karishma comments on Lakshmi raising Paro in the village while Shalu and Rano comes and Shalu says that they are blaming Lakshmi but not remembering how they behaved with Paro how they used to scold her especially Neelam.

However, Rishi asks her to not say like that even though he knows it's Neelam's fault while Neelam interrupts after which Rano says it's Neelam's fault only that she used to scold Paro.

Further, Neelam says that it's Lakshmi's fault if she would have told them that Paro is Rishi's daughter then she wouldn't have behaved bad with her.

Meanwhile, Shalu asks even if Lakshmi would have told them a truth would they trust on her after which Lakshmi says no then she says that she hid the truth because she doesn't want Paro to suffer what she has faced.

Just then, Malishka comes and says that they have given Lakshmi a lavish life which every poor person dreams of while Lakshmi says that her self respect is more important for her and that she had told her in the mall too.

This shocks Rishi while Lakshmi reveals Malishka already knew that Paro is Rishi's daughter after which Neelam confronts her but Malishka diverts the topic to Lakshmi again.

After that, Lakshmi says that she won't let Paro stay there because they don't trust the family member when Virendra died they accused her for his death while Neelam gets firm to keep Paro with her.

Later, Lakshmi complains about Neelam to Rishi while he makes her understand that Neelam genuinely loves Paro after which Dadi prays to god for Paro's safety and not separate her from Lakshmi.

Further, they see the progress of Paro's rescue where the officers let Lakshmi, Rishi, and Neelam stay there only and tells they are making a tunnel to Paro by digging another hole.

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