Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 Written Update: Bhagya Laxmi written update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 episode starts with Malishka cursing Lakshmi’s luck in frustration.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Malishka screams that she needs to know whether Balwinder has gotten the footage or not.

Meanwhile, outside the mansion, Rishi tells Lakshmi joyfully that he has missed his home very much.

Hearing this, Lakshmi urges Rishi to come with her quickly as Neelam eagerly awaits them.

Looking at Lakshmi and Rishi, Virendra questions God why Neelam cannot understand Lakshmi is best for Rishi.

On the other hand, while a servant tells Neelam that she has a soft heart underneath this rough attire, Karishma arrives there and informs Neelam about Rishi’s arrival.

Hearing this, excited Neelam runs quickly to greet Rishi.

While Harleen, Ayush, and Shalu welcomes Rishi and Lakshmi with smiling face, Karishma venomously announces that they need to cast the evil off of Rishi’s life so Neelam will do aarti.

This makes Lakshmi upset and she does not show it on her face.

Meanwhile, Neelam emotionally hugs Rishi while tears stream down her eyes.

Virendra asks Neelam to hug Lakshmi too but she ignores it.

At the same time, Harleen playfully urges Neelam to hug Virendra too but Virendra denies it.

Harleen then starts praising Lakshmi but Karishma like always announces that they are just hyping Lakshmi up.

Hearing this, Virendra orders Karishma to stay silent as Lakshmi is the one who convinced the judge and gave Mr. Basu this idea.

On one hand, Karishma rolls her eyes, and on the hand, Rishi goes to change his clothes.

After Rishi leaves, Harleen orders Lakshmi to go so that she can do a romance with Rishi.

When Lakshmi blushes, Ayush joyfully announces that if Harleen orders him to hug Shalu now, he will do it so Lakshmi should follow Harleen’s order.

Later, Malishka gets Balwinder's call after a long wait but Karishma notices her and Malishka cuts the call.

Malishka then lies that Karishma is more important to her.

Hearing this, Karishma informs Malishka about Rishi’s arrival and walks away.

Afterward, Malishka calls Balwinder who proudly informs her that he has stolen the pen drive.

At the same time, Karishma again appears in the doorway and panicked Malishka cuts the call.

Karishma questions Malishka about the call and Malishka lies that it was the wrong number and Karishma walks away after ordering Malishka to inform her mom.

Malishka happily informs Kiran about Rishi’s arrival but Kiran advises her to win Rishi’s heart so he becomes her shield too.

On the other hand, Bani excitedly tells Rano about Rishi’a arrival but Rano gets worried as she thinks Balwinder is caught.

Bani further adds Rishi is out on bail much to Rano’s relief.

Meanwhile, in the Oberoi mansion, Malishka and Shalu get into a heated argument and Malishka walks away.

After Malishka leaves, Ayush arrives there out of nowhere and urges Shalu to go with him to meet Rishi.

Noticing Rishi, Malishka pretends to twist her ankle and while Rishi looks concerned, Lakshmi questions Malishka if she is hurt.

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