Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Aanchal coming home and Anushka asking her how's Neelam while Aanchal says that she is doing fine but isn't totally well to come home.

After that, Anushka asks that where is Malishka while Aanchal says that she has gone to the court after which Aanchal praises Malishka that she loves Neelam so much and didn't even sleep whole night.

She adds, that she is happy that Malishka is fighting for Neelam's justice while Dadi says that what justice they want to get by accusing a small girl.

Meanwhile, Karishma says that by saying this Dadi is portraying Malishka as a villian after which Dadi says that she doesn't mean that but Karishma says the way Dadi said that replicates that only.

Just then, Rishi cones there and says that Paro hasn't done something bad while Aanchal says that it's not truth otherwise, the juvenile centre's officers wouldn't have taken her but Rishi says that they portrayed Paro in the bad light thus it happened.

There, Aanchal says that the court will decide the verdict while Lakshmi and Shalu wait for their lawyer Manoj just then he comes and tells them that he was studying the case whole night thus got late.

After that, Shalu expresses her doubt that whether they will win the case after which Manoj says that Malishka's lawyer Rajat is also strong then goes to meet him.

On the other hand, Kiran and Malishka come to the court where Malishka's seat belt got stuck and Kiran helps her saying she should use brain not power sometimes.

Further, Malishka meets Rajat who assures her that their case is strong thus Paro can't be saved after which Malishka gets happy thinking now Rishi and Lakshmi will be separated forever.

There, Rishi and his family come to the court and Aanchal warns Rishi to not support Paro today otherwise, their relationship will be broken after which Rishi says that the court will decide the verdict.

Later, Lakshmi and Rishi meet Paro with Dadi and Ayush when she is brought to the court and assure her that she'll be able to go back home with them in few hours.

After that, the court hearing gets start and Manoj starts to defend Paro while Rajat tries to frame her which makes Lakshmi angry and she tries to defend Paro after which Malishka does an emotional act in Neelam's favour.

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