Bhagya Lakshmi 9th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi noticing Lakshmi’s missed call on his phone after which he calls her back.

However, Lakshmi does not pick up his call which makes him worried and he calls her again whereas Lakshmi collides with Ranjeet.

Lakshmi feels uncomfortable as Ranjeet tries to flirt with her and vegetables fall from her hands after which he says that he wants to help her in picking the vegetables.

Meanwhile, Laskhmi’s senior teacher receives a call from Rishi and she assures him that Rohan is safe with Lakshmi after which Rishi also says that he trusts Lakshmi's teacher.

Laskhmi's friend tells her that Rishi was praising her which makes her happy whereas Rohan plays along with his friends at Lakshmi’s house while Shalu cooks food.

Shalumurnurs that childhood is best as there is not any stress in childhood and children live their life to the best after that she receives a call from Rano.

Rano scolds her for not sending the exact money that she asked for as per the bill after which Lakshmi comes and she takes the phone from Shalu’s hand and tells Rano that she has sent the exact amount as she asked.

After that, Lakshmi cuts the call and helps Dadi in preparing dinner whereas Ranjeet meets his friend and tells him that today he met Lakshmi and collided but Lakshmi ignored him.

Just then, his friend asks him to have patience and trust the timing of God whereas Rishi returns from the office and notices Parvati sitting on the stairs.

He asks her what happened after which Paravti makes face and tells him that she wants to play outdoor games but no one is allowing her to go outside.

She tells him that she is getting bored inside the house after which Neelam comes there and asks Parvati to be within her limits and not call Rishi's dad.

Parvati feels bad after which Rishi scolds Neelam for behaving rudely with Parvati then Neelam tells Rishi to not consider her as their family member.

Rishi says that Parvati is similar to Rohan for him which provokes Neelam’s anger and she asks him to compare Parvati with her grandson Rohan.

Neelam asks Rishi to send Parvati back to her house and call back Rohan after the party ends at his friend’s house.

She tells him that he is just Rohan’s father so he should think about it whereas Ranjeet makes a plan against Lakshmi along with his friend.

At the same time, Rohan comes to Lakshmi’s home and starts feeling breathless after which Lakshmi becomes worried and asks her what happened.

Rohan tells her that he heard some men talking about ruining their plot by sprinkling the wrong medicine in it.

Shalu asks him if he can recognize that man but he tells her that he has not seen his face clearly while Dadi becomes worried and wonders who might be that person.

Lakshmi asks Dadi to not panic after which she thinks of a plan whereas Rishi goes into Parvati’s room and hears Parvati murmuring why she cannot call Rishi her dad.

Rishi tells her that she can call him dad and no one will tell her anything and he assures her that if she does not do anything wrong then Neelam will also accept her.

Then, he plays a game with her and notices a thread on Parvati’s hand and asks her about it so she tells him that her mother tied it on her hand.

He recalls Lakshmi whereas Ayush asks Malishka if Parvati does not irritate anyone at home after which she tells him that Parvati is very notorious whereas Rishi narrates a story to Parvati regarding him and Lakshmi saying that she is the best partner for him.

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