Bhagyalaxmi 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bhagyalaxmi 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bhagyalaxmi 10th September 2021 Written Update: Bhagyalakshmi written update

Today's Bhagyalaxmi 10 September 2021 episode starts with Lakshmi and Rishi arriving at the hotel for their honeymoon.

Later, Rishi gets a call from Neelam where she tells Rishi to take care of himself. Lakshmi's sister calls her to ask what did Rishi do for their honeymoon. After disconnecting the call, Lakshmi wonders why Rishi has been behaving oddly since their marriage.

After few moments, the room service invites them for a special dinner which is organized for couples. Rishi tells them that they will join them in some time. Lakshmi and Rishi get ready for dinner.

At the event, Lakshmi gives her shawl to Rishi as he was feeling cold. Lakshmi starts feeling cold too. So, Rishi goes to get another shawl for her. After dinner, Rishi tells Lakshmi to take a rest while Rishi will be working in another room.

On the other hand, Neelam tells Virendra that Badrinathji is going to visit them in some time. She informs that he has something important to tell them. Badrinathji arrives at their house and asks for Rishi's Janampartika. He also tells them that there is a big reason behind his visiting them.

In Shimla, Lakshmi goes to Rishi and asks him whether she has done something wrong for which he has been angry with her.

End of today's (10th September 2021) Bhagyalakshmi written episode.

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