Bhagyalaxmi 4th December 2021 Written Update

Bhagyalaxmi 4th December 2021 Written Update

Bhagyalaxmi 4th December 2021 Written Update: Bhagyalakshmi written update

Today's Bhagyalaxmi 4 December 2021 episode starts with Lakshmi asking how come he has the other half of the love band that he gave to Malishka saying he only had the single piece.

Lakshmi scolds Rishi for taking back the gifts he has given to Malishka after their fight.

On the other hand, Kiran sees Malishka crying and trying to join the pieces of Rishi's picture that she tore.

Kiran suggests Malishka make Rishi realize that he should be afraid of losing Malishka.

The next day, Neelam sees Sonia, Ahana, and Devika arguing and asks Karishma to find out what is wrong.

At the breakfast table, Virendra tells everyone that Malishka is getting married to Viraj.

At the same time, Malishka comes there. Lakshmi asks Malishka why does she look worried. Malishka says that all her problems are because of Lakshmi.

Further, Malishka says that Viraj's grandfather wants her to learn a lot from Lakshmi.

Viraj and Dadaji come there and they are introduced to each other.

Malishka asks Rishi why he didn't tell everyone about her and Viraj's marriage.

Later, everyone praises Rishi and Lakshmi as a couple and an ideal example of happy married life.

Neelam takes Malishka to a room to talk to her while in the corridor, Karishma asks Kiran what is all this going on.

Further, Malishka keeps her condition that if Rishi wants to be with Malishka he has to leave Lakshmi.

End of today's (4th December 2021) Bhagyalakshmi written episode.

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