Bigg Boss 14 Written Update 4th October 2020: Bigg Boss Day 1 Episode Updates

Bigg Boss 14 Written Update 4th October 2020: Bigg Boss Day 1 Episode Updates

Bigg Boss 14 4th October 2020 Written Episode; Written Update:

Today's Bigg Boss 14 4 Oct 2020 (Day 1) episode starts with the seniors taking over the authority of the house. 

The Big Boss seniors, Gauahar Khan manages the kitchen, Sidharth Shukla takes care of the bedroom and Hina Khan takes over the Bigg Boss 14 mail.

The seniors are allowed to take any freshers and assign them the work they need to get done. The BigBoss contestants are allowed to get 7 essential items from the mall per day.

The BiggBoss episode continues with Rahul Vaidya getting assigned the task of getting a kiss from a girl in the BigBoss house.

Rahul asks Nikki Tambali first but she gently denies for a kiss. Later he approaches Pavitra Punia gives him a kiss. Pavitra agreed to give a kiss treating him just as a friend. Shehzad Deol witnesses the kiss.

Meanwhile, the other Bigg-Boss senior Sidharth Shukla was allowed to ask personal questions to freshers in order to offer what they wanted. He chooses Jasmin Bhasin to give her the bed of her choice.

Sidharth Shukla has a personal chat with Jasmine Bhasin about her dream boy. Finally, she chooses to stay in a single bed when offered a single or double bed.

Later, The Big-Boss house makes a new rule stating that all the rejected contestants have to sleep in the rejected area as they were not allowed to stay inside the house.

Bigg Boss rejected contestants were asked to stay in the garden area. The name of the area is called as 'Rejected Zone'. All of them had to sleep in the sleeping bags on the floor as the rejected zone doesn't have beds.

In the morning, the BB14 rejected candidates had to wait for the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house to wake up to get the essentials.

The written update of 4 October 2020 Big Boss 14 episode full story ends.

Upcoming BiggBoss 14 episode update: More of Bigg Boss gossips, spoilers, and upcoming twists to continue. 

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