Bigg Boss 15 29th November 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 29th November 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 29th November 2021 Written Update:

Today's Bigg Boss 15 29 November 2021 episode starts with l(Day 58) Ritesh and Rakhi Sawant talked to Rajiv Adatia and joking with him.

Later, all the VIPs discuss how to distribute the work among non-VIPs while Pratik Sehejpal comes there and informs them that all of them are flexible to do any work

Later, they are giving out duties while Pratik refuses to do two tasks full time and argues with Rashmi Desai

Karan Kundra talks to Ritesh and tells him to not define his relationship with Tejasswi Prakash

Pratik argues with Umar Riyaz for hiding butter while Rakhi and Rashmi instigate the fight

Day 59 starts with everyone waking up to the song 'Tune Maari Entriyaan'

Rakhi orders Nishant Bhat and Rajiv to make something new dish for them while Karan tells them to not be influenced by VIP and remind them that they are dependent on them for food

Further, Rakhi changes the kitchen duty and tells Rajiv to not cook as she doesn't like food made by him which creates an argument

Rakhi belittles Rajiv saying that he spits in the food he makes which ensues a bigger argument

Rakhi keeps disrespecting all the non-VIPs and keeps creating arguments

Just then, they hear a song and see Abhijit Bichukle entering the Bigg Boss house

Nishant gives the housemates a tour and selects Umar's bed who refuses to give up his bed.

End of today's (29th November 2021) Big Boss 15 written episode.

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