Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Update, Finale Date Time, Winner, Live Streaming Today

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Update, Finale Date Time, Winner, Live Streaming Today

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Update:

Today's Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 episode (day 135) starts with Salman Khan telling greeting the audience and stating that the time for them to find the winner of the season is here.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Krushna Abhishek enters the house with excitement to host the finale while Bharti Singh comes there and tells him that everyone knows she is the one hosting the finales.

They start arguing while Bharti states that even their sibling bond has turned into fights after entering the house of Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan enters just then and the comedy duo stops arguing.

Bharti-Krushna argue over HOSTING!

They both greet Salman while Salman tells them to act if they want to host the show.

Bharti goes first and acts with the drummer as if they are lovers while Salman takes her outside.

Krushna further greets the housemates and dances with them while telling the drummers that they don't play as much as the housemates.

Further, Krushna tells Shiv Thakare to freeze while Bharti enters the house and dances with him.

Shiv gets excited while Bharti teases him by stating that he should find a house instead of coming to Bigg Boss season after season.

Further, Krushna and Bharti talk to the finalists and ask the non-mandali why they did not join the Mandali.

Ex-contestants REJOIN the BB house!

They give their reasons after which the Hosts freeze them.

The rest of the Mandali including Sajid Khan, Abdu Rozik, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan.

The housemates get excited to see ex-contestants while they unfreeze Archana last making her upset.

Afterward, Krishna also welcomes the rest of the contestants while Bigg Boss welcomes all the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 16.

A RAP BATTLE between Mandali and Non-Mandali!

Krushna and Bharti further do a rap battle between the Mandali and Non-Mandali contestants.

Bharti and Krushna roast the housemates afterward with their comedy.

Afterward, the housemates are made to play musical chairs and say that the losing person will get punishment.

Nimrit loses first and has to hit herself with the rubber band while Shalin Bhanot loses afterward and is made to act like a chicken.

Priyanka eats a ginger shot while MC Stan has to sing with a cheek retractor.

In the end, Shiv loses while Archana wins the task.


Afterward, Bharti and Krushna act as the inner voice of the housemates and talk against the others in a comedic way which makes the audience laugh.

The housemates afterward give answers to each other and get into small arguments while laughing at the weird but passive-aggressive answers.

Bharti and Krushna act as Shalin and Tina Dutta while fighting and romancing while talking about their 'plan' in the middle.

Priyanka states that she thinks Ankit Gupta should be more open about his love life like Stan's while Ankit reasons that he thinks love should be a private matter.

Krushna comes back in a costume and says that he is the main guest.

Krishna acts like an elderly and pulls the legs of all the housemates.

A short clip of the housemate's journey!

All the housemates dance to 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' after which the hosts state that Salman Khan has come for the finale after exactly two weeks.

However, before that, they will see the journey of the final contestants.

The background voice talks about all the housemate's journeys while the clips are shown.

The clip ends will all the ex-contestants singing the BB Anthem while standing at their places on the stage of Bigg Boss with the trophy in front of the display.

Salman RETURNS to BB16!

Salman makes his entry and greets the housemates and the viewers in his unique way.

The fathers of the finalists are also seen sitting on the couch while Salman talks about the season's success.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Bigg Boss teases all the housemates and states that everyone is thinking about who is going to win the Bigg Boss Season 16.

Bigg Boss states that it is time to eat something sweet before the revelation and tells them to look towards the entry tunnel.

The housemates get shocked to see their mothers entering with sweets and continue beaming in happiness as their mothers feed them, sweets.

Salman jokes with Shalin's mom that she should have brought chicken instead of sweets.

The mothers go back to their seats beside their husbands on the stage while Salman tells the finalists that they will finally find out who will be this season's winner.

Ankit states that he thinks the trophy will end up at his house anyhow while Salman points toward Priyanka and asks what he means by this making everyone laugh.

Salman congratulates Abdu for going into Big Brother and then jokes with Sumbul.

Salman asks about Sumbul's father while Sajid and Stan start imitating him and Sumbul's father comes there shocking them.

Mr.Touqeer states that he thinks he is a hidden contestant while Stan apologizes to him.

However, Mr. Touqeer states that he does not talk like that and forgives Mr. Touqeer stating that he was never angry with him.

Salman tells Archana that she was rebuked as 'Haari Hui Neta' but her whole state has been supporting her till now.

Archana gives a comedic but stunning performance on the song 'Hawa Hawaai' and many others.

Salman jokingly asks Sajid if he wants to cast Archana while Archana's brother Gulshan comes and dances on the stage.

Further, Salman tells the housemates that it is time for them to find out who is going to get eliminated and hands it over to Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss tells the housemates that they are getting a chance to regain some of the prize money by discussing among themselves and selecting who would be the 5th finalist.

Bigg Boss tells them that if their guess matches the decision of the audience, 10 Lakhs will be added to their current prize money which is 21 Lakh 80 Thousand.

All finalists except for Shalin take his name and in the end, continue trying to convince him to accept the decision.

In the end, Shalin goes along with the housemate's decision and accepts that he is in the 5th position.

Salman reveals that their guess matches with the housemates and tells them their prize money is 31 Lakhs and 80 Thousand now.

Shalin gets a little upset when Salman tells him to bid goodbye to the housemates and come on the stage.

Afterward, Shalin comes on the stage and Salman tells him that it is applaudable the way he took the jokes on himself.

Salman states that he has a surprise and a clip of Ekta Kapoor is shown offering Shalin the main lead in her next show 'Bekaabo'.

Salman afterward jokes that Shalin has to give 25 lakhs to the winner since he had promised it once.

Shalin performs the song 'Bijli' and entertains the audience with a comedic twist in the middle.

Mandali gives their performance with the sole performance which entertains everyone while the sole finalists also give their performances intriguing everyone.

Gaddar 2 cast enters Bigg Boss 16!

Salman welcomes Sunny Deol and Nimisha Patel who greets the housemates enthusiastically.

They promote their new movie 'Gaddar 2'.

Further, Salman reveals to Archana that she is next and tells her to come out of the house.

Archana does not understand when the housemates explain to her that she is out of the race to win Bigg Boss 16.

Archana cries as she meets Salman on stage and states that she lost her chance to win Bigg Boss.

Afterward, Krushna comes to the stage and starts his comedy after confirming that Sunny Deol has left.

Ishq Mein Ghayal Cast brings good/bad News!

Tina requests Salman Khan to ride a bicycle with him and complete his dream while Salman jokes that the executors are giving unusual dreams for content.

Krishna dances with Abdu Rozik and makes him repeat Hindi dialogues which makes everyone laugh.

Salman welcomes the cast of Ishq Mein Ghayal, Reema Seikh, Karan Kundra, and Gashmeer Mahajani who give a beautifully stunning performance with the finalists.

The trio promotes their show and even dances with the contestants.

Afterward, Priyanka and Ankit give a fabulous performance.

Salman promotes Junooniyat!

Salman talks about Junooniyat, an upcoming show on Colors from 8:30, and welcomes Illahi, Jordan, and Jahaan.

Afterward, Stan gets shocked to hear Booba's voice while Salman reveals that she is on the call with them live.

Stan asks if she is angry with him and Booba repeats the words that Stan had used to compliment Priyanka.

Stan apologizes to Booba while Salman tells Booba that Stan is very flirtatious.

The call ends and Salman dances with Abdu to a song he has made for the housemates.

Shiv and Priyanka give a performance in which they both stare each other down.

Salman states that it is time for them to find out who is getting eliminated in the third position.

A clip of all three finalist's supporters wishing him luck is shown while Salman also tells them that their journey till now has been awesome.

Salman reveals the WINNER!

At last, ending the agony of the finalists, Salman tells Priyanka to get out of the house.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Salman tells the audience that he applauds Priyanka for her positive attitude and tells the housemates to not be pitiful if she breaks down after coming here.

Ankit gets emotional as he states that he is proud of Priyanka.

Stan and Shiv turn the lights off of the BB House and met Salman at the stage while he asks them how he fills.

Salman jokes with them and finally announces that the winner of Bigg Boss Season 16 is MC Stan.

End of Bigg Boss 16 (BB Season 16) 2023.

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