Bigg Boss 16 14th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 14, Day 14

Bigg Boss 16 14th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 14, Day 14

Bigg Boss 16 14th October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 14th October 2022 (Day 14) episode starts with Salman Khan watching all the contestants wake up and dance to his "Allah Duhai" song.

The Bigg Boss 16 contestants get pleasantly surprised by the song played and remember that Salman Khan might visit them today on Shukravar Ka Vaar. 

Salman then instructs the contestants to do a task and gather in the activity area. Bigg Boss 16 then asks the contestants to give each other a portion of juice kept in front of them.

Gori Nagori gives the juice of "Shaatir Shikanji" to Sreejita who gives Gori the same drink.

Archana gives "Laalchee Lauki" juice to Soundarya, calling her arrogant, and mimicking her walk. Archana also mentions that Soundarya is "Paltu Pyaaz" as she only gets closer to people who become the captain. 

Archana makes fun of Soundarya's "friendship" with Captain Gautam

Everyone laughs at the mention of Soundarya & Gautam Vig's budding relationship while Soundarya gives "Khadoos Kadoo" juice to Archana and calls her "rotten" who is "laalchee" or greedy for gingers.

Mc Stan calls Shalin to drink the "Paltu Pyaaz" juice and calls him arrogant as well.

Nimrit calls Priyanka, handing her the "Kadvi Jabaan" juice, and takes a jab at her for interfering in everyone's matters.

Shiv calls Shalin as his argument is the same as Stan, and labels Shalin "paltu".

Sajid calls Abdu to drink the juice while Sumbul Touqeer takes a personal jibe at Gori who drinks the bitter juice sportingly in the task.

Ankit Gupta calls Shalin to drink "Khadoos Kaddu" juice, saying he smokes cigarettes openly when he shouldn't.

Priyanka calls Nimrit and says she gets personal herself and gives her the "Paltu Pyaaz" & "Shaatir Shikanji" drinks.

Salman Khan compliments Priyanka Choudhary's & Nimrit's Feud

Salman Khan appreciates Priyanka & Nimrit's feud that is out in the open which is the way real ladies fight.

Salman Khan gets shocked at Shalin calling Soundarya to drink the "Kadvi Jabaan" juice and states Shalin was the only one smooching and giving a kiss on her face yesterday.

Afterward, Ankit openly asks Soundarya who she wants to be with - Shalin or Gautam. 

Later, Sajid Khan gets a task from Salman Khan himself to steal some things along with Abdu.

Sajid Khan & Abdu steal Tina's "Zoozoo"

Both of them cleverly steal Gautam's shoes, Tina's teddy bear or "Zoozoo", Sumbul's father's picture, & Shalin's tumbler 

Ankit sees this and protects Abdu when he goes into the bathroom to get Gautam's shoes. 

Sajid gets another task to hide Abdu in the activity area and convince BB16 contestants that Abdu has gone missing. 

Sajid walks with Shiv Thakare to the luggage room and acts as if he is looking for him.

However, Abdu is not in the luggage room and Sajid collects all the contestants to tell them that Abdu is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Abdu is greeted by Salman Khan. 

Further, Salman teases him stating that Nimrit is the most worried about him, and says that it is time for them to go back inside the house.

Salman Khan reveals BB16 contestants' secrets 

The housemates greet Salman who says that not only Abdu but many other things are missing which is all because of Sajid.

The contestants get surprised when Salman tells Archana Gautam that she is loved by India which makes her happy.

Afterward, Salman also praises Ankit for speaking more this week and tells him to speak as it is creating a good image for him.

Further, Jallad brings up the things that Sajid had stolen and tells the contestants that they will get their things back if they can guess which contestant has gossiped the said thing about him.

Sumbul gets hurt by Tina's comment about her relationship with Shalin

Tina Datta guesses correctly that Nimrit gossiped about her while Sumbul Touqeer also guesses correctly that Tina has talked about her(Sumbul) being in love with Shalin Bhanot.

Going towards more serious questions, Salman asks Priyanka if someone gossiped that Ankit's mother will slit her throat and cry blood if Priyanka becomes her daughter-in-law.

Ankit asks Soundarya if she has any manners

Salman also gives her a hint and Priyanka accurately guesses Soundarya's name.

Soundarya tries to justify herself by saying that she had said it in a lighter tone but Priyanka and Ankit refuse her justification.

Hardy Sandu & Parineeti Chopra enter Bigg Boss House

Afterward, Parineeti Chopra and Hardy Sandhu make a guest appearance and request Abdu to sing.

Hardy reveals that he is a big fan of MC Stan and MC does a freestyle rap for him.

Further, Shalin dances with Parineeti while Tina tells Sumbul to not think that she was gossiping as she was just discussing with Shalin.

Later, Parineeti and Hardy give the contestants a task and tells them that Hardy will guess what their heart is saying by touching their veins.

The contestants have fun with the task after which Parineeti tells the contestants to guess whom she is singing for in code words.

Archana gets the title of 'Drama Queen' while Priyanka gets the title of 'Bijli'.

Abdu becomes the Jigar Da Tukda (a piece of their heart) and everyone agrees wholeheartedly.

Archana says that Soundarya makes her 'Pareshaan' (stressed) while Soundarya laughs it off.

Salman tells the contestant that he will bid the guests goodbye and will meet them in the living room later.

Tejo Cries, Fateh consoles her

Later, Priyanka cries after arguing with Soundarya while Sajid tells her to be strong.

Meanwhile, Sumbul tells Tina and Shalin that she is hurt by Tina's words while they both try to comfort her.

The argument between Soundarya and Priyanka keeps getting bigger while the other contestants also start getting involved.

Priyanka runs to her room and cries while Ankit goes comforts her.

On the other hand, Soundarya states that she was just joking and Priyanka should not have felt bad.

Later, Sumbul gets emotional seeing her father on the screen while he tells her that he sent her to Bigg Boss 16 to toughen her up.

Sumbul's father scolds Shalin Bhanot

Sumbul's father stirs the conversation towards Shalin and asks him how he can humiliate and destroy Sumbul when she thinks of him as her elder brother.

Sumbul's father further praises Gautam Vig, Archana, and Shiv Thakare for supporting Imlie (Sumbul) and putting her on the right path.

Finally, Sumbul's father tells her that he hopes to see her take decisions herself. 

Sumbul gets emotional as her father sings another poem for her.

Salman tells Sumbul is by herself only for whatever happens while Shalin tries to talk but is stopped by Salman.

Sumbul's father bids them goodbye and leaves while Salman tells them that tomorrow's episode will be more intense.

End of today's Bigg Boss 14th October 2022 written update.

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