Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 18, Day 18

Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 18, Day 18

Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 episode (day 18) starts with the contestants doing their morning routine and singing the BB Anthem.

Shiv Thakare tells Priyanka Choudhary to do the dishes and also wash the coffee/tea mugs that are there.

However, Priyanka tells him that it is not her job but she will do it since the captain has told her.

Meanwhile, Abdu Rozik tries to cheer up a depressed MC Stan.

Gori Nagori instigates Archana Gautam 

On the other hand, Manya Singh argues with Archana Gautam for taking the Daal from her room while Archana argues that she should have not lied about not having any Daal.

They both start cursing at each other while Gautam Vig laughs at Silbatta Queen Archana’s creative insults.

Further, Manya is arguing with Shiv while Stan thinks that she is talking about him and gets even more upset and angry.

Gori Nagori and Abdu try to cheer up Stan while he says that he is not upset with them.

Silbatta Queen Throws Water at Haryana's Shakira 

Afterward, Manya and Archana are taunting each other while Gori insults Archana and argues with her.

The argument gets intense as Archana throws water on Gori's face who also tries to hit the water in Archana's face. 

However, Gori hurts Priyanka's hand in the process. 

Priyanka gets angry about this and starts arguing with Gori who also starts arguing with her senselessly. 

Shiv Thakare tries to calm down the situation but things become worse when Gori curses Archana.

Gori becomes "geedad", Archana calls herself a "sherni"

Archana gets mad and states she can also shut her mouth up while Gori wets Archana's clothes kept in the bathroom. 

Meanwhile, Archana comments saying Gori meddled in her & Manya's fight "hum dono ki ladai mein chauka maar diya". 

Nimrit Ahluwalia cannot believe that people are fighting over an avocado while Shalin goes to inform Archana about Gori throwing water on her clothes.

Archana calls Gori a "geedad" while she is a "sherni" who never does things behind her back. 

Later, Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living area and asks the contestants to take two names who don't show much involvement.

Bigg Boss 16 orders Manya Singh & Sumbul to hide their faces

Manya Singh & Sumbul Touqeer's names get called out the most when BB16 asks them to wear a black mask until his next order.

Later, Tina Dutta calls Sumbul who is now wearing a mask & asks her why she is not showing any involvement. 

Sumbul states she wants to go home, commenting "mujhe farak nahi padta" (I do not care). 

Shalin Bhanot feels bad and asks Sumbul to live the moment while Tina asks him to let Sumbul play the game independently. 

He leaves after Sumbul says she doesn't care if she is wasting time. 

Later, Shalin consoles Archana who cries for taking her mother's 'kasam' over a stupid fight with Gori Nagori. 

BB16 contestants become SRK in the Train task

Afterward, Bigg Boss says that the most favourite contestants of the house will have to act like Shah Rukh Khan on a train and takes other contestants as passengers in their bedrooms.

Mc Stan, Sajid Khan, Abdu Roziq, and Gautam Vig are the chosen ones who try to figure out who to take with them. 

As the task starts, Gautam surprises everyone when he takes Archana with him, making Soundarya feel left out. 

Mc Stan chooses Gori and Shalin.

Shiv Thakare plays a clever game

Later, Priyanka, Tina, & Nimrit talk about how Shiv is influencing everyone and playing his own game.

Shiv advises Sajid not to take Priyanka & Ankit alone as they have to think about themselves too.

However, Sajid chooses Sumbul over Manya along with Abdu in the room of 6, telling Shiv, "Manya hamari nahi hai".

Stan and Shiv also instigate Shalin over Tina's words who told Mc that Shalin is a "paltu pyaaz". 

Shalin promises to maintain the relation of brotherhood while Nimrit tells Abdu he gets influenced very easily by Sajid & Shiv.

The contestants who don't get chosen are Priyanka, Soundarya, Nimrit, Manya, & Tina who have to sleep together now in the room of 6. 

End of today's Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 written update.

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