Bigg Boss 16 1st February 2023 Written Update, Top 6 Finalists, Nominated Contestants

Bigg Boss 16 1st February 2023 Written Update, Top 6 Finalists, Nominated Contestants

Bigg Boss 16 1st February 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 1st February 2023 episode (day 124) starts with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia going to Sumbul Touqeer Khan and asking her why she is feeling bad.

Sumbul reveals that she is upset that all three are nominated because of them while Nimrit tells her to understand that Shiv Thakare and MC Stan would not come to console her since they are feeling bad about being nominated too.

BB shows a mirror to Shiv, Stan!

Meanwhile, Shiv and Stan get called into the confession room where Bigg Boss asks them if they feel bad about being nominated or not.

They both nod while Bigg Boss asks them why they are not playing the victim card since they did not get nominated because of their mistake but because of Sumbul.

Shiv laughs as he says that they do not know how to play that game.

Bigg Boss jokes with them while talking to them about Sumbul getting upset with them in the afternoon and tells them to notice that no one came to comfort them.

The boys say that they understand while Bigg Boss tells them that they can go.

Afterward, they go to Sumbul and comfort her and sit in the garden.

Nimrit-Shiv's on-and-off friendship!

The next morning, all the housemates get ready to dance during the BB Anthem.

Shalin Bhanot talks to Nimrit about why he gets hungry while Nimrit tells him that he is thankless since he is the one who got to eat luxury food every week like Soya, Chicken, and other things.

Further, Nimrit sits with Shiv and Stan who get into a fight over the small issue of their not being able to communicate properly.

Nimrit feels hurt and leaves while Shiv tells her that she is walking out even when they are having a simple conversation.

Later, Nimrit apologizes to Shiv and hugs him as she reveals that she is also scared that they might leave.

Shiv comforts a crying Nimrit!

However, Shiv tells Nimrit that they will support each other and will also bid goodbye with a smile on their face.

Meanwhile, Archana Gautam mistakes the word 'Kundali' with 'Mandali' which she tries to use to degrade the Mandali.

However, Priyanka Chachar Choudhary corrects her mistake making her insult a joke.

Afterward, Bigg Boss calls all the housemates into the living room and tells them about being given a chance to regain all their lost prize money.

BB Contestants get their PRIZE MONEY BACK!

However, only one team from team A (Stan, Shiv, Nimrit, and Sumbul) and Team B (Priyanka, Shalin, and Archana) will get back their money.

In the task, one team will hold onto the buzzer while being harnessed while the other team will have to try their best to make the competing team lose their grip on the buzzer.

If the team can cross the 1-hour mark, they will win the task.

The aim of the team will be to make as many as the opposite team members lose their grip on the buzzer.

However, before the task starts, Team A will have to decide who will not participate in the task as there are four contestants on that team.

The Mandali tries to convince Sumbul to not be a part of the task and she agrees thinking that they do not trust her.

Afterward, the task starts and Team B latches onto the buzzers while Team A starts doing everything to such as pouring all types of lotions and soaps on them.

Bigg Boss tries to brainwash Sumbul by asking her why she has been left out of the task.

Team B wins!

In the end, no one from team B loses their grip on the task and wins the task making their price money 50 lakhs again.

Bigg Boss announces that the second round will be done the next day while Shalin jumps in happiness stating that the prize money is back.

Priyanka tells Archana that she won't be able to torture them since she does not have the heart to do it.

Meanwhile, Shalin jokes to Shiv and Stan who challenge him stating that they won't move their hand.

Shalin further goes to Archana and Priyanka to form a plan while Sumbul gets called out by Bigg Boss for falling asleep.

Shalin, Priyanka, and Archana collect items for the next day's task while Nimrit tells them to take it all.

Priyanka finds it unusual and shares it with Archana and Shalin while stating that Sumbul would have played much better than Stan if she had participated.

At night, Nimrit questions Shalin why he didn't clean the garden while Shalin uses the excuse that he was giving them time to strategize.

Shalin bitches about Priyanka to Shiv and Stan while asking them if he is not their friend.

Stan mocks him as he agrees but gives an opposite reaction.

At the same time, Priyanka tells Archana that the task depends on them since the Mandali is going to brainwash Shalin and get their plan out of him.

Archana further talks to Sumbul and tells her that she knows Sumbul would have done great if she was in the task instead of Stan.

At night, Archana collects water in buckets and hides them in her room so that she can use it on the Mandali the next day.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 16 (BB16) 1st February 2023 Episode.

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