Bigg Boss 16 22nd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 22 Live, Day 22

Bigg Boss 16 22nd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 22 Live, Day 22

Bigg Boss 16 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 22nd October 2022 episode (day 22 live) starts with the BB housemates waking up and singing the BB 16 Anthem with half-asleep expressions on their faces.

Further, Gori Nagori, MC Stan, and other contestants keep insulting Archana Gautam to try and instigate her.

Meanwhile, Archana tries to stop them but gets angry after which she decides to not do anything as things are getting out of her control.

Gori becomes a Dacoit!

Gori keeps stealing fruits and other things from the captain's room and eats them in front of Archana who just sits with Priyanka Choudhary trying not to react.

However, Gori finally provokes Archana who hits her arm to push it away from her face.

Gori keeps complaining that Archana has hit her and warns Bigg Boss that she will break Archana's legs if she doesn't get any response from his side.

Archana gets worried saying that she won't stay silent anymore while Priyanka tells her that Bigg Boss will handle everything if Gori comes to hit her.

Archana fears for her face, Gori comes at her with a Dumbell

Gori keeps trying to scare and worry Archana by walking near her with Dumbell in her hand while Archana looks unafraid.

Later, Archana is complaining that Gori is eating without giving any ingredients while Sajid Khan, Tina Datta, MC, Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Gautam Vig, and Gori keep bitching about her.

At the same time in the confession room, Karan Johar asks Bigg Boss if he can talk to the contestants in his own way.

Karan Johar takes over Bigg Boss 16 House!

Further, the housemates get greeted by Karan Johar who informs them that he will be taking over for some time since Salman Khan is unwell.

says that they might be expecting fireworks and celebration on the festival of Diwali but he is there to talk about the political game happening inside the house.

Karan supports new captain Archana (Silbatta Queen)

Priyanka reveals that many housemates started being rebellious after Archana became the captain.

Karan once again asks all the contestants of Gori's team/the contestants who stole from Archana's room and turn the tables in favor of Archana.

Gori argues that Archana hit her while Karan tells her that she should have not stolen from the captain's room then.

Afterward, Karan confronts MC Stan and asks him what he would have done if someone was trying to steal his belongings.

Karan makes MC Stan and Shiv silent!

Shiv tries to defend Gori but Karan smartly shuts him up asking all the contestants who think that Gori makes inappropriate gestures to provoke the housemates.

Further, Karan asks all the contestants to give votes if Gori's actions with the Dumbell were disrespectful and inappropriate with the intent to harm.

All the contestants except for Manya vote against Gori while Karan gives her time to decide if she wants to stay in the house or leave the show.

As soon as the screen goes black, chaos erupts in the house as everyone starts calling each other two-faced.

Gori apologizes to Bigg Boss

Sajid sits with Gori and tells her to apologize to Bigg Boss.

Afterward, Karan enters the BB House and asks Gori what she has decided first.

Gori smiles and apologizes to Bigg Boss while the housemates say that they do not have any objection to her staying in the house.

Shalin and Tina dance together!

Karan further makes the contestants sing his special anthem after which he makes Tina and Shalin Bhanot dance together and recreate a scene from the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai film.

Afterward, Karan tells Shalin that he become the hero from My name is Khan in front of Sumbul Touqueer.

Nimrit plays Date, Marry, Kill

Karan further asks Nimrit whom she would like to Date, Marry and Kill from the contestants and she states that she would like to Date Shalin, Marry Ankit Gupta, and Kill Priyanka.

Karan tries to make Priyanka and Ankit confess their love but Ankit says that he will not do it on camera and brushes away the topic.

Further, Archana rates the guys of the BB House and gives Shalin the most marks.

Karan exposes #PriyAnkit couple relationship!

On the other hand, Karan tells Priyanka and Shalin to recreate the 'Channa Mereya' scene in the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil movie.

However, Ankit picks Priyanka in his arms in the middle of the performance and states that this one-sided love can turn into mutual love.

All the housemates do many different scenes and enjoy the evening such as Sajid doing the Pooja scene from one of his movies and Shalin-Gautam dancing to Dola Re while wearing sarees.

MC Stan sprays Priyanka with water

Afterward, Karan Johar brings MC Stan to the stage and asks him to select one person whom he thinks deeps to clean their dirt-filled mind.

MC Stan chooses Priyanka and she puts on goggles while saying that she knew he would take her name.

End of today's Bigg Boss 16 22nd October 2022 written update.

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