Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 23, Day 23

Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 23, Day 23

Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 episode (day 23) starts with Karan Johar getting surprised that MC Stan took Priyanka's name while Stan sprays water from the hose on her.

Further, Shiv Thakare chooses Shalin Bhanot and argues that he cannot figure out if his thought process is real or acting.

Manya attacks Soundarya

Gori also chooses Priyanka while Manya Singh selects Soundarya Sharma for the reason that Soundarya is a fake girl.

Afterward, Archana Gautam takes Gori's name and sprays her with a water hose while Soundarya sprays water on Manya saying that she's directionless.

Gautam Vig also takes Shalin's name while stating that he is not loyal in his friendships.

Priyanka wins the task with the most sprays

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Tina Datta also take Priyanka's name and spray water on her saying that by saying that she meddles in other's business.

Karan tells the contestants that Priyanka's name was taken the most and says that the cleaning is done according to him.

He tells the housemates that he will be back in a while and leaves the house.

Tina teases Sumbul and Shalin

Afterward, Tina keeps teasing Shalin about him and Sumbul Touqueer with the reference to 'Rahul' ending up with 'Anjali'.

Meanwhile, Nimrit tells Shalin and Tina about Sumbul being bad due to looking like the third wheel in their relationship.

Ankit confesses to Priyanka finally!

Away from everything else, Ankit Gupta keeps hugging Priyanka while telling her that their love story is double-sided.

Later, Nimrit confronts Gautam for not giving their friendship any time and spending all his time with Soundarya only.

Soundarya argues with Gautam

Soundarya takes it the wrong way and starts arguing with Gautam saying that she is getting roasted because of him not keeping his priorities straight.

In the garden, Sajid Khan sits with Abdu Rozik and tells him that he should know who is treating him like a child and who is treating him like an adult.

On the other hand, Gautam and Soundarya talk out their differences while lying on the garden bed outside.

Nimrit and Gautam patch up their friendship

Gautam again goes to Nimrit and talks to her about giving her time while Soundarya looks at them from afar.

Later at night, Soundarya tries to talk to Gautam about Nimrit but he tells her that he doesn't want to hear about it which creates differences once again.

The next morning, Karan Johar once again greets all the housemates and talks about unsaid relationships, love relationships, and even crushes.

Karan exposes Manya

Karan further asks the contestants what they think the relationship between Gautam and Soundarya is.

The contestants start giving their input while Karan enjoys all the gossip becoming the Narayan of the BB House.

Revealing the secret, Karan tells the contestants that Soundarya and Gautam go into the bathrooms wearing a mic so that others can hear their conversation which makes him sure that they are doing it for the cameras only.

Gautam's game plan is revealed!

However, both Gautam and Soundarya argue that their feelings for each other are very true.

Karan further says that he wants to talk about Manya and shows them the clip of everything that Manya said about Soundarya and Gautam's relationship.

Soundarya gets shocked and clarifies to the contestants that she doesn't know Manya at all and that she never said that she felt that Shalin touches her inappropriately.

Gautam gets bashed by everyone

Afterward, Karan asks Gautam if he said that Soundarya is free-spirited and that he doesn't like it.

Karan says that is an insulting word to use for a girl on national television and starts arguing with it.

Shalin keeps looking like a sulky person and Karan tells him to not be too hard on himself as Bigg Boss would have definitely brought the situation to light if it was needed.

Soundarya stands by Gautam while Karan praises Archana and Priyanka's friendship.

Soundarya-Manya's catfight

As soon as the screen goes black, Soundarya starts fighting with Manya while Manya starts character-analyzing her.

However, Archana goes to both Gautam and Soundarya separately and tries to convince them to play their own game.

Shalin goes to Gautam and tells him to keep focusing on his game inside the house.


Karan once again returns with a new task for the housemates and makes them wear hats with bulbs on them and tells them to select the person whom they think needs to turn on the lights in their head.

Afterward, Karan tells the contestants that it is time for eviction and leaves the viewers hanging as the episode ends.

End of today's Bigg Boss 16 23rd October 2022 written update.

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