Bigg Boss 16 27th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 58, Day 58

Bigg Boss 16 27th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 58, Day 58

Bigg Boss 16 27th November 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 27th November 2022 episode (day 58) starts with all the housemates waking up to the BB Anthem as they rush to the garden and start singing the BB Anthem.

Tina Dutta and Shiv Thakare get into an argument regarding the dustbin and the garbage not being maintained.

Abdu steals CHOCOLATES!

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia advises Tina to start speaking for herself while keeping in mind that she does not become like Soundarya Sharma.

Later, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik are having fun trying to steal chocolates from the captain's room while Sajid Khan comes there in a dull mood and leaves after taking a jacket.

However, Abdu manages to get a packet of chocolates out and runs around the house happily.

Shalin's wait for wildcard entry!

Meanwhile, Priyanka Choudhary, Soundarya, Archana Gautam, and Shalin Bhanot are talking to each other and joking about Shalin waiting for the wildcard so that he can choose whom to flirt with.

At the same time, Tina sits with Sajid and Abdu while trying to get their approval and alliance in her becoming the captaincy and thinking of it as a birthday gift from the housemates.

Nimrit's mental breakdown!

Later, Nimrit gets upset thinking about how she is surrounded by such weird people while other contestants try to console her.

Further, Shiv comes to Nimrit and sits with her telling her how Tina is trying to convince everyone to let her be the captain as a birthday gift.

Tina sits with Abdu and teases him saying that he and Stan have become bad boys as they keep on flirting with girls.

Meanwhile, Soundarya sits with Shalin and asks him if he is afraid of Tina being against their friendship.

However, Shalin steers the conversation by saying that he is waiting for a wildcard.

Ankit gets upset with Priyanka

Afterward, Archana is mimicking Priyanka while Priyanka and Archana are laughing.  

However, Ankit Gupta argues with Priyanka saying that she got upset when he joked with Archana about her.

Shalin goes to Tina and talks to her about what he discussed with Soundarya.

Tina tells him that she does not want to hear it and leaves there while thanking him for giving her his time.

Later, Ankit tries to apologize to Priyanka by hugging her and telling her that he had a wrong choice of words while she tells him to accept his mistakes.

Priyanka finally hugs him back and tells him to not get upset when she tells him something.

Ankit calls Priyanka HOT!

Ankit tries to lighten up the situation by telling her that she has become hot while she tells him that he is not her boyfriend and that she will dress up for him.

On the other hand, Nimrit and Sajid are talking with Sumbul Touqeer about how a pair needs to be compatible to stay together.

Big Bulletin with Shekhar Suman

Shekhar jokes that today he will use the "Sur" (musical notes) to expose the "Asurs" (Demons) of the house.

Shekhar teases Archana and Priyanka for screaming over their lungs while he compliments Abdu as the audience likes him very much.

Shalin gets teased for his chicken 'sur' all the time while Tina gets teased for her overly hygienic consciousness.

Further, Shekhar dresses as Kawal and starts singing Kawali.

Shekhar cracks Kawali jokes

Through Kawali, Shekhar Suman cracks musical jokes on the contestants while everyone enjoys his performance.

Shekhar further goes on singing about Shalin cheating on Soundadrya with the Almond milk situation.

Further, Shekhar takes his leave while the contestants joke among themselves about the Kawali regarding the garbage.

However, Tina feels humiliated as she tries to hide her tears while Shalin comforts her saying that it was just a way to create humor.

Tina's hungry for captaincy!

Tina goes to her room and tells Bigg Boss that she wants captaincy at any cost.

Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants from Sajid's friend group are also talking about her and saying that they do not mind if Tina wins the captaincy fairly.

On the other hand, Ankit tells Priyanka that he does not want her to shout at him when she's angry at him in the Bigg Boss house and just talks to him calmly.

However, Priyanka implicated that she cannot fake herself like him which hurts Ankit's emotions.

Tina gets betrayed

Sajid, Abdu, Shiv, and MC Stan discuss among themselves that their first priority for captaincy should be Nimrit and then Tina.

Later, Sajid's friend group is having a pillow fight while other contestants are sleeping in the garden area.

Bigg Boss berates Shiv for not doing his duty and tells Archana, Soundarya, Shalin, Ankit, and Priyanka that he will give them punishments personally.

Archana argues with Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss tells them that any two of them will have to sit on the chair until further notice and the remaining contestants will have to throw water on the seated contestants.

Archana starts doing drama saying that she will not get cold water thrown at her due to her health going bad.

As a result, Bigg Boss berates Archana and punishes the whole house by telling them to return 50 percent of the ration to Bigg Boss.

All the housemates start arguing with Archana and blame her when she tells them to not fret as the ration will return after two days again.

Housemates are upset with Archana!

Archana keeps on arguing stating that she is not there to argue with them but to win while other housemates try to talk sense through her thick head.

Shiv argues with Archana while she tells him that she will come to his village in a tractor and will show him.

Further, Archana walks away from him and tells him to follow after him.

Later, Bigg Boss gives Nimrit and Tina a crispy snack dish from Licious due to them being the royal cooks.

Shalin IMPRESSES Tina!

Afterward, Shalin impresses Tina with a magic trick while Abdu and Stan steal from Archana's room.

Soundarya talks with Ankit and tells him that she knows how he feels and gives him advice regarding his friendship with Priyanka.

All the housemates wish Tina a happy birthday while Shalin takes her to his room and surprises her by showing a birthday message from her family members.

Tina gets emotional and she hugs him while he tells her that he thought she might get birthday wishes from there first and would miss them so he gave her this gift.

On the other hand, Archana and Nimrit are talking about Shalin and Tina's relationship being fake.

At night, Shalin asks Archana about her opinion of Nimrit and she tells him that Nimrit has a fear of becoming lonely in the game and thinks that she cannot play alone.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 16 (BB 16) 27th November 2022 episode.

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