Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Prize Money Winners, Eviction

Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Prize Money Winners, Eviction

Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 episode (day 125) starts with all the housemates waking up to the sound of a siren as they go to the garden and sing the BB Anthem.

Shalin makes Stan CRY!

Afterward, Shalin Bhanot sits with the Mandali and talks about his wealth while MC Stan calls him out for playing the poor card earlier.

Shalin retorts that he does not say anything when Stan flaunts his gold and diamond chains.

Stan gets angry and walks away while Shalin keeps on acting innocent and asks Stan why he is feeling bad.

When Stan tries to confront him, Shalin mocks a fake apology and leaves saying that he was not saying trying to show down to Stan.

Further, Stan leaves there and gets emotional as he states that Shalin has been trying to downgrade him from the start and he realized it only now.

Shiv Thakare comforts Stan as he states that they won't sit with Shalin from now.

Later, Shalin talks to Maahim and jokes that everyone is showing him attitude now.

On the other hand, Archana Gautam keeps on trying to frighten the Mandali as she tells them that she will play with her strength.

However, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia finds the things Archana has hidden and tells Shiv and Stan about it as they start taking it and hiding it all in their room.

Archana realizes their deed and tells Priyanka and Shalin about it while Priyanka assures her that they have another plan.

Priyanka berates Archana!

Further, Priyanka takes Archana to the bathroom and tells her that the plan got ruined because of her very extra drama from the morning and the taunting.

However, Archana tells Priyanka that she had just gone to get changed while Priyanka tells her that they should form a plan without letting the Mandali know.

Later, Priyanka is adding something to the soap water bucket while Bigg Boss calls them into the living room for instructions on the task.

Prize Money task re-continues!

Bigg Boss instructs that Nimrit, Shiv, and Stan from team A will get harnessed and will have to hold onto the buzzer while team B will's main goal will be to make even a single contestant lose their grip.

The tasks with Archana and Priyanka bring out all their secret weapons and tell the Mandali that they cannot defeat Archana's mind.

Archana starts off by throwing turmeric power on their faces while Sumbul Touqeer Khan keeps on encouraging her friends to stay resilient.

Stan gets WAXED!

Archana and Shalin go on to wax their legs while Stan accuses them of being inhumane.

Archana brings out frozen meat and fish from the refrigerator and it's then in Stan's clothes.

The Mandali's faces get red which scares them while Sumbul calms them as they state that it is not blood but the reaction from turmeric and soap water being combined.

Nimrit cries in AGONY!

Nimrit starts crying as she says that Archana is throwing soap water in her eyes while Sumbul shouts at her to stay strong.

Archana further throws water on them while she continues saying that they did not show mercy on her so she won't either.

Later, Bigg Boss tells Team B to not throw soap water directly in their face and to make sure that they don't hit buckets of the contestants.

Bigg Boss scolds Team B

Shalin gets busy fighting with Sumbul while Archana shares her game plan with Priyanka. Further, Shakin starts acting like the nice guy and helping Team A which infuriates Archana.

Bigg Boss again berates Team B for using soap water and Priyanka apologizes while Archana restarted her turmeric throwing technique.

No Prize Money?

The task ends and Bigg Boss announces that the prize amount will not be raised since no team could win the task.

Afterward, Shalin comes to apologize to Stan and Shiv while he gets into an argument with Sumbul.

Meanwhile, Archana talks to the camera as she states that Priyanka and Shalin only talked big about the task and ended up doing the lotion and oil smothering only.

Stan tells Nimrit that they were releasing their anger on him while Archana complains about Shalin's lack of loyalty.

Bigg Boss scolds Archana!

Afterward, Priyanka gets called into the confession room while Archana tells her to ask Bigg Boss for a ration.

However, Bigg Boss also asks Priyanka about what Archana asked and reminds her that Archana wasted fish and meat on the task.

Shalin and Priyanka go to talk to Mandali while Archana taunts them that they are trying to be good to Mandali now.


Shalin gets confronted by Stan while Priyanka goes to Archana and scolds her for wasting food on the task.

Bigg Boss further announces that there will be no ration task today since the importance of food was shown in the task today.

Sumbul taunts Archana and tells her that she does not know the intention of food since she never had to live without it.

Archana mocks Sumbul and states that it is not a serial while Nimrit tells Sumbul that fighting with Archana is not worth it.

Archana defends herself saying that no one had touched that fish for a whole month while Sumbul states that it is because she is allergic to seafood.

Later, Shalin and Priyanka are sitting when Archana comes there and accuses Shalin of telling Mandali about the ice.

Priyanka calms Archana while Shalin states that he is not being considered a part of Mandali and also not considered a solo player.

Contestants end the day with Chocolates!

Later, in the evening, Bigg Boss announces a task sponsored by HUNK Blockbuster and tells the housemates to select whom they think is important to them by feeding them chocolates.

Shalin continues trying to be friends with the Mandali again by joking that Shiv has become a blind old man while Nimrit tells him to not do it.

Afterward, Archana tells Priyanka and Shalin that she also should have cried the previous day when she got hurt during the task.

Shalin talks about not being able to differentiate between reel life and real life while Archana says that he is the one who started mixing up reel and real in the show.

At night, Priyanka tells Archana that Shiv's condition is worse as he isn't even able to open his eyes.

At the same time, Stan and Nimrit joke with Shiv and cheer him up even though his eyes are burning up in pain.

End of today's Bigg Boss 16 (BB16) 2nd February 2023 Episode.

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