Bigg Boss 16 30th January 2023 Written Update, TTF Winner, Eliminations Today

Bigg Boss 16 30th January 2023 Written Update, TTF Winner, Eliminations Today

Bigg Boss 16 30th January 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 30th January 2023 episode (day 213) starts with all the housemates waking up to the sound of sirens as they go to the garden and sing the BB Anthem.

Afterward, Sumbul Touqeer Khan tells captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia that Archana Gautam took the Parantha from their dough that was saved from last night.

Nimrit goes to question Archana who starts arguing with her and calls her cheap for arguing over a Parantha.

However, Nimrit tells her to mind her language and her tone.

Archana calls Nimrit Bhukhi!

Archana continues using her derogatory tone and calls Nimrit's friends 'Launde' which angers Nimrit.

Nimrit tells Archana that she has '2 roti ki Soch' and accuses her of having cheap thinking.

When Archana goes overboard with her accusations, Nimrit curses at her and tells her to mind what she says or she will show her what she is.

Shiv Thakare and MC Stan hold back Nimrit while Archana provokes her to shout even more and show her true colors to the world.

Archana keeps on taunting Nimrit and says that she didn't do anything in the last four months and is now thinking of fighting with her to get footage and win the show.

Sumbul goes to talk to Archana but Archana tells her off stating that she is no one whom Archana will listen to.

Nimrit rebukes Archana for ruining their friendship over two rotis and continues shouting to ignore Archana's arguments.

Further, Archana complains to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary who keeps on agreeing with Archana as she badmouths Nimrit and the whole Mandali.

Meanwhile, Nimrit is complaining to Shiv and Stan stating that Archana is going overboard and that she does not care if she gets scolded for cursing at Archana.

Elsewhere, Shalin Bhanot talks to the camera and asks if the fights happening inside the house is for footage only or if they are really fighting.

He also laughs as he says that Archana was fighting while her 'friend' Priyanka was doing her workout.

Shalin's Not-So-Adventurous TRIPS

Afterward, Shalin bores Stan and Shiv by talking about his adventure trips with his friends which keep on going back in the same loop.

Shiv laughs as he keeps on tipping his head back and acts of falling asleep while Stan acts overly interested in Shalin's story.

At the same time, Archana gets really close to the camera and flirts as she talks in a low voice about herself.

Archana later makes the dough while she keeps taunting Nimrit by telling her to come and check how many rotis she makes.

Shiv gets irritated as he tells Archana to not add her flour to the dough and make only the fifteen rotis that are supposed to be made.

Shalin keeps on commenting on the argument and says that Shiv has a habit of being dominant in the Mandali.

Nimrit leaves Archana hanging in the argument as she leaves and states that she does want to fuel the fire to Archana's ego.

Archana continues mocking and dehumanizing Nimrit as she tells her to learn that one should not act hungry and feed others too.

Nimrit goes to the bathroom and lets out her tears after which she comes back and argues full-on with Archana.

Bigg Boss does a SAMPLE SURVEY!

Later, Priyanka tells Archana that she is the one who dragged the argument into an issue while Bigg Boss calls her into the confession room.

The Mandali decides to not eat the chapati made by Archana while Bigg Boss asks Priyanka whom she would like to control if she could be given a remote to control any one person.

Priyanka takes Shiv's name as she reasons that Shiv holds onto a single word and humiliates a contestant with that word.

Shiv in DEMAND?

Bigg Boss calls Shiv next and asks him the same questions to which Shiv reveals that he wants to control Priyanka.

Shalin comes into the confession room afterward and Bigg Boss tells him that he can bring Maahim inside too.

He happily brings Maahim inside and Bigg Boss praises him for being able to control Maahim while asking him whom he would like to control.

Shalin says that he wants to control Shiv while the rest of the Mandali refuses to eat while Archana and Priyanka are eating.

Zillat Ki Roti!

Later, Bigg Boss talks to Stan who is eating roti and states that the roti tastes good but it is with Zillat also.

Bigg Boss calls them into the living room afterward and tells them about the sample survey he did and tells them about the final exam for Nimrit's captaincy and a ticket to the finale.

Bigg Boss announces that this will be the last task and tells them that the housemates will get a chance to make the decision for someone else.

Last TTFW task!

Priyanka gets a battery for Sumbul, Shiv gets Archana's battery, Archana gets Shiv's battery, Shalin gets Stan's battery, Sumbul gets Shalin's battery while Nimrit gets Priyanka's battery and lastly, Stan gets Nimrit's battery.

In the task, one contestant will be standing near the giant remote while the remaining contestants will have to stand inside the slots in the TV.

The person standing by the remote will get the chance to remove the person whose battery they have from the race to captaincy.

Archana states that the task is in Nimrit's favor and forms a plan with Priyanka to invalidate the task.

In the first round, Nimrit removes Priyanka from the race to captaincy while an argument between Shalin and Priyanka ensues.

Sumbul removes Shalin from the captaincy race in the second round.

Archana jokes and makes Priyanka laugh while Shalin's face gets black due to the smoke bomb thrown toward him.

Shalin tries to act nice to Sumbul and apologizes half-heartedly while Sumbul continues correcting his apology to her liking.

In the third round, Shalin removes Stan from the task while Archana complains about her face getting dirty.

Archana and Priyanka's MINDGAME!

In the fourth round, Shiv puts Archana's battery in the remote removing her from the task.

Shalin keeps on feeling guilty about himself not being the captain again while rebuking himself in the mirror.

At last, Priyanka, Stan, and Archana argue over who goes in the next round while Bigg Boss tells them to make a decision.

Archana tells Nimrit that she was just joking and puts Shiv's battery into the remote removing him from captaincy.

Afterward, Priyanka argues that she won't blast Sumbul's battery even if the task gets invalidated while Archana tells Nimrit to realize who are their real friends since Shiv had signaled Stan to blast her battery if she would not come forward.

Bigg Boss tells the housemates that the task is invalidated since Priyanka has already said she won't budge from her decision and Nimrit stays as the captain and the Ticket To The Finale winner.

Nimrit is still CAPTAIN!

Priyanka and Archana congratulate Nimrit after which they go to the powder area and state that Shiv and Stan's true game has been exposed to the viewers now.

Meanwhile, Shiv and Stan talk to each other and say that they would not have minded even if Sumbul had become the captain since she is a part of their group also.

At night, Shiv and Stan ask Sumbul if she is feeling upset since it is okay to feel upset that she didn't get the ticket to the finale.

While Nimrit is sitting with the Mandali, Archana comes there and feeds her Halwa congratulating her for becoming the first contender to get into the finale.

Nimrit asks out loud what has happened to Archana while Sumbul reminds her that the elimination will happen the next day.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 16 (BB16) 30th January 2023 Episode.

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