Bigg Boss 16 3rd February 2023 Written Update, Weekend Ka Vaar, Elimination

Bigg Boss 16 3rd February 2023 Written Update, Weekend Ka Vaar, Elimination

Bigg Boss 16 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 3rd February 2023 episode (day 126) starts with Karan Johar entering the stage and greeting the audience while saying that he had come in the past with the joyous environment of Diwali and has once again come to entertain them.

Meanwhile, inside the BB House, all the housemates are already awake and form a line in the garden as the siren for singing BB Anthem is blared.

Archana apologizes to Shiv

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and MC Stan continue to tend to Shiv Thakare whose eyes are still not openable.

Archana Gautam asks Shalin Bhanot if Shiv will be fine and hopes that he gets fine or else her life will be ruined.

In the captain's room, Shiv gets emotional as he says that he feels angry for lying on the bed and staying useless while Nimrit consoles him.

Shalin comes there and Nirmit cries as she states that her face is so ruined that she does not know what to conceal or where to do the makeup.

Archana comes there and tries to apologize to Shiv by talking about a similar incident to her brother which angers MC Stan.

Archana tells him to not become background noise and makes him leave while Nimrit tells Archana to not compare their injuries as she is very pissed with her.

However, Archana tells Nimrit that her injuries are nothing left after giving a half-hearted apology to Shiv.

Stan comes to Shiv and Nimrit and tells them that Archana is doing this drama because she doesn't want to get scolded by Salman Khan.

Sumbul becomes a dirty player

At the same time, Archana cries in her room to the camera that she is alone in the house and always gets targeted by the Mandali.

Further, Sumbul Touqeer Khan argues with Archana who starts showing attitude and states that at first she didn't want to be dirty, but she will be from now on.

Back on the stage, Karan tells the viewers that they should meet the contestants immediately and greets the housemates. He jokes that they should not rub their eyes as he really is Karan, not Salman or Farah.

Karan jokes that all the contestants have either changed or not changed at all while he recites a shayri for Archana.

Further, Karan requests MC Stan to teach him his famous 'Dhatran Tatran' song.

Karan also pulls Sumbul's leg by saying that he didn't talk to her for 17 minutes and says that 17 minutes pass by in seasons.

Sumbul hides her face as she tells Karan that she feels bad for dragging Shiv and Stan down with her as they did a great job.

Karan tells Sumbul to remember that small mistakes like these can end their game too.

Later, Mr. Johar tells the housemates that the season is extended by one month more and that the evicted contestants might even come back.

The housemates get worried when Karan reveals that he is only joking.

He talks about how Archana was the one only who wasn't fazed.

Karan tells them to act how they would if the show would have gotten extended for 40 years.

Archana acts as the host of Academy Awards and presents the 'Best Over-actor' to an oldie Shalin Bhanot.

Afterward, Priyanka Chachar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare act as a happily married couple who even has three children that nobody knows of.

Further, Archana and Stan continue fighting over their duties even as elderly while Stan suddenly becomes a super fan of Sumbul's father and starts acting like him.

Karan starts a 'Jhatpat' quiz with the housemates and asks Priyanka if she would work with Nimrit given the change.

Priyanka says yes and Nimrit also agrees as she has no problem working with her.

Priyanka also gives ratings to Nimrit which works a debate between the two.

Afterward, Karan asks Priyanka whom she would kill, marry, and date which she replies that she would like to Kill Nimrit/Shalin, Marry Stan, and Date Shiv.

Karan asks Priyanka why Nimrit could never become Shiv's priority and Priyanka reasons that it is because from the start Nimrit and Shiv's friendship started with their own benefits.

Nimrit sits on the couch afterward and she also rates Priyanka's qualities.

Priyanka states that they do not care about Nimrit's ratings since they are individual people.

Nimrit is asked about Priyanka's character flow that can prevent her from winning and Nimrit states that it could be Priyanka's ignorant attitude.

After, Shalin sits on the couch and talks about Shiv as he states that he thinks Shiv is a bully.

Archana comes afterward and answers absurd questions such as whom she would talk to after she leaves the show.

Karan lastly asks Archana who had come forward till now in the show for free and she takes Nimrit's name.

Stan comes afterward and he jokes that he considers Archana as the statue of lying opposite Priyanka who is the statue of truth.

Karan continues joking about Stan's liking for Priyanka after which Karan tells them that he'll be back after a short break.

Shiv argues with Shalin and tells him to not play the double game and ends the conversation by saying that he would not sit with him anymore.

The housemates continue arguing while Sumbul sits with Nimrit and gets emotional as she states that she will be the happiest if she leaves instead of Shiv or Stan.

Nimrit rubs Sumbul's shoulders as she states that she knows that the guilt will be lifted from Sumbul's shoulders.

Meanwhile, Karan welcomes famous Rapper Badshaah on the stage. Badshaah starts quizzing Karan and asks him what is his biggest rumor and Karan says that it was that he was married.

Badshaah asks him to take the name of the person whom he thinks the said thing can be given.

Karan exposes that Badshah is not single and that two Nepo-babies are dating but will not give any names.

Baadshah asks Karan which movie of his would he be cast in and Karan reveals that he thinks Badshah will rock in Dhoom's next installation.

End of today's 3rd February 2023 Bigg Boss 16 episode.

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