Bigg Boss 16 7th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Week, Finalists Contestants

Bigg Boss 16 7th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Week, Finalists Contestants

Bigg Boss 16 7th February 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 7th February 2023 episode (day 130) starts with all the top 5 finalists waking up to the sirens for the BB anthem.

In the garden area, they notice a car covered in a wrap and Archana Gautam gets so excited about it.

After singing the BB anthem, Archana talks about the car to Shalin Bhanot and Shiv Thakare.

Shiv and Stan notice Priyanka

Further on, in the kitchen, MC Stan requests Bigg Boss to not keep a task that involves any physical activity.

On the other hand, Archana is talking to Shalin in the gym area, explaining to him that her personality is real and she has learned to control her anger after coming to Bigg Boss.

Shiv and MC Stan, who is sitting in the Mahim's cabin gossiping about Archana, claim that Archana is now playing the victim card and clarifying things.

The housemates get ready for the day and have their lunch while Archana mocks Shalin for the car while Priyanka Chahar Choudhary goes into a fit of laughter while Shiv and Stan watch her from the distance.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to go to the activity room where Krushna's mother Pushpa Ji wants to meet them.

Excitedly, all the contestants go to the activity room where Krushna Abhishek in disguise as Pushpa Ji from Bigg Buzz greets them while dancing.

Pushpa Ji roasts BB Contestants!

As the contestants settle down, Archana sits next to Pushpa Ji and she jokes that her left ear is working well and sends Archana to sit on the other side.

Thereafter, Pushpa Ji teases Shalin that she hasn't seen an "Ameer-Gareeb" human like him which sends other contestants rolling into laughter.

She jokes about Shalin having been acting for 4 months and adds later that he forgot to mention over.

Pushpa Ji teases Bigg Boss and tells contestants that Bigg Boss is her boyfriend and they have been dating for a long.

Coming to MC Stan, Pushpa Ji jokes that MC is such a big fan of Hindi that he made the chain in English.

She says that fans have sent many letters and gifts to all the contestants.

She starts giving Chess to MC then refuses as she says that it is an individual game that makes everyone laugh so hard.

To Priyanka, she jokes that Chess is a peaceful game while Priyanka has the habit of jumping into other people's matters.

Shiv gets mocked for being the leader of an invisible group while Shalin is asked about his current friend in the house.

When Shalin says Priyanka, Pushpa points out that those who have been friends with Shalin got eliminated like Nimrit recently.

After that, with the help of the contestants, Pushpa Ji enacts a scene of the first night with Bigg Boss as an invisible groom while the contestants enjoy it very much.

Jacky Shroff in BB House

A new character comes into the scene, namely, #BBKhanna who tells the contestants that she has a fun game for them.

Priyanka jokes to Pushpa Ji that she should take care of her partner since Shalin is asking for her name.

Further, the contestants come out of the activity area while the setup for the game is arranged.

Shalin tells Archana that he has started feeling bad now when anyone jokes about him acting all the time in Bigg Boss.

Archana dismisses it saying that they do not have to prove themselves all the time while Shalin gives an example of Charlie Champlain.

The curtains from the garden area are removed and the contestants go there.

They get amused to see the buzzers while #BBKhanna tells them it is set up for their game.

At the same time, Jacy Shroff's popular romantic sad song starts playing and Krushna in disguise as Jacky Shroff enters the BB house while the housemates watch him dancing while acting drunk.

After Krushna is done entertaining contestants with his drunk dancing, #BBKhanna tells them that two contestants will come forward at a time and will be asked a question. Whoever presses the buzzer first, gets the chance to answer.

In the first round, Shalin and Shiv are called and asked to show off their bodies while the other contestants will do the scoring.

Krushna jokes to MC that he doesn't feel ashamed of staring at other men's bodies.

When Archana and Priyanka are called together, they are given a tongue twister which Priyanka does nicely and as a result, she has to smash a chocolate cake on Archana's face.

Next, Shalin and Stan are called together and asked about Priyanka's serial which she did before coming to Bigg Boss. Shalin presses the buzzer while Stan raises his hand which makes everyone laugh.

In the end, Shalin wins over Stan and as a prize gets a kiss from Suman who is apparently a guy.

Everyone laughs at Shalin's misery while he runs to get away from male Suman.

After the fun and entertainment, Krushna and #BBKhanna bid goodbyes to the contestants.

Contestants make an Ad for Hyundai

Further on, Bigg Boss announces to the contestants that they have to make an advertisement for the Hyundai car standing in the garden area since morning which will be given to the winner with Prize money.

Together, all 5 contestants make the advertisement without any argument and get the task done.

At night MC Stan thanks Bigg Boss for giving him advice that he will remember in his lifetime.

Meanwhile, Archana and Priyanka are talking about the day with Archana saying that in Bigg Boss everyone got fame for one or the other reason.

End of today's 7th February 2023 Bigg Boss 16 written update.

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