Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Week Winner, Top 5 contestants

Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Week Winner, Top 5 contestants

Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 episode (day 131) starts with the contestants waking up to the sounds of sirens and coming to the garden area for the BB anthem.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary offers MC Stan coffee and gives him a whole bottle which shocks Stan.

He later talks to Shiv Thakare and states that he is even scared to take things from the solo contestants thinking if they can be due to a hidden intention.

At the same time, Archana Gautam talks to Shalin Bhanot and states that the Mandali thinks that they have given everything to Shiv when they have not.

Shiv-Stan pull Priyanka's leg!

Later, Priyanka asks Stan for advice on how she looks while Shiv makes fun of Stan.

Stan, however, ignores the teasing and has a one-sided conversation with Bigg Boss about wanting a new haircut.

Shiv pulls Stan's leg and tells him to ask Priyanka which song she was singing.

Stan further sings the same song that Priyanka was singing and makes her play Antakshari with them.

Afterward, the top 5 Finalists go and sit on their question couch in the Garden while the media reporters are waiting eagerly to ask them questions.

Reporters INTERROGATE the Finalist!

One contestant asks Priyanka what she was hinting at when she pointed toward her clothes at the time when Tina Datta was gossiping about Shalin.

Another reporter asks Shalin if he was acting or not when Tina left immediately.

However, Shalin justifies that he was happy because it was the last day of his medication for his panic which had led him to be happy.

A reporter from India Forum asks Priyanka and Shiv if they had ever thought of working together instead of the opposite.

Shiv-Priyanka join hands?

They both reply that they were friends at the start of the show but they realized they were different.

The reporters also question the loyalty and sacrificing nature of the friend duo Shiv-Stan and Priyanka-Archana.

The reporter asks Priyanka and Archana if they consider Shalin to be 'bad luck' since any female contestant talking to him gets scolded by the host.

Afterward, one of the reporters compares Archana to a modern Rakhi Sawant while Archana says that she has no comments on this.

Priyanka gets targeted as the reporters ask her why she considers other people's tears as drama while her tears are of pain.

Stan's trigger point!

Stan gets asked what was the trigger point for him to start participating in the show Stan reveals that the reason for him not participating at the start was that he thought the public was overhyped.

Another reporter calls out Shalin for back-bitching about ladies behind their backs while Shiv also gets called about for playing the victim card and the poor card.

Shiv replies that he did not hit back or fight back because he has waited for this moment for six years and also wishes to be in movies and shows.

The contestants continue giving answers to the reporters and Bigg Boss tells them to end the interview with a group picture.

Stan CALLS OUT Shalin!

The housemates go back inside and MC Stan starts arguing with Shalin for interrupting him.

While the argument continues, Archana starts crying thinking that only 5 days are left.

Bigg Boss tells the housemates to remember that there are still 5 days left and those 5 days are also crucial for the decision on who will be the winner.

Further, at night, Priyanka tells Archana how many rotis she is making but the number that Archana gives does not satisfy Priyanka.

Archana - Priyanka argue over FOOD!

Archana tells Priyanka that she can make more while Priyanka starts arguing with her over ration and food.

Shiv and Stan sit in the dog house in the garden and tell the audience that they know there are only 5 days left but the other contestants did not find any 'Mudda' on them.

Archana tells Priyanka to not fight after Bigg Boss' warning and leaves the kitchen area stating that her work is done.

Priyanka sits with Stan and Shiv while talking to them about Bunty telling her how Stan had complimented her and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sumbul Touqeer Khan teased him.

Stan states that he used to compliment her to work up Nimrit and Sumbul while he cries dramatically stating that Booba is going to take his call once he exits the house.

Archana cries and vents to Shalin about how Priyanka is sitting and siding with the Mandali.

At night, Shalin roams the garden and talks to the crystallized designed horse and states that he noticed it only now.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 16 (BB16) 8th January 2023 Episode.

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