Bigg Boss 16 8th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 8, Day 8

Bigg Boss 16 8th October 2022 Written Update, Episode 8, Day 8

Bigg Boss 16 8th October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 8th October 2022 episode (Day 8) starts with Salman Khan greeting the BB16 contestants on Shanivaar Ka Vaar and asking Priyanka Choudhary if she missed him when he went to feast with the invitees.

Priyanka laughs and says there was no time to miss the party since Manya Singh & Sreejita De had a blast.

Salman Scolds Ankit Gupta in Shanivaar Ka Vaar

Salman then turns to Ankit Gupta and informs him that his parents are not happy with his almost nil screen time. Salman Khan asks Ankit to become more dynamic and energized to get shown on the Bigg Boss Season 16 footage.

Salman Khan then introduces the concept of Saam Daam Dand Bhed to the contestants.

He then asks everyone to label the contestants either ‘Hit’ or ‘Flop’. The ‘Hit’ contestants will get a garland around their necks while the ‘Flop’ contestants will get foam sprayed on their faces.

Shiv Thakare puts Abdu in the Hit spot while Shalin gets called a flop.

Nimrit puts Gautam in Hit while Priyanka is in the Flop spot since Nimrit finds Priyanka’s behavior petty.

BB16 Housemates Tag Ankit as 'Flop'

Gori sprays foam on Ankit’s face while she puts Mc Stan in the Hit spot. Gori says that Ankit doesn’t mingle much with others, which is why she is putting him on the Flop list.

Sumbul Touqeer also puts Ankit on the flop list while Sreejita & Manya take each other’s names.

Mc Stan tells Salman Khan that Priyanka becomes too much of a mother, which is why he is putting her under the Flop category while he puts Sajid in the Hit spot.

Rashmika Mandanna & Neena Gupta come on Bigg Boss Season 16

Afterward, Salman Khan welcomes Neena Gupta & Rashmika Mandanna on the BB16 stage to promote their movie “Goodbye” starring Abhishek Bachchan.

Rashmika acts like a fan girl and asks Salman Khan when he will do a south movie.

Me, Myself, & I!

Rashmika then makes Salman Khan say her famous dialogue “Zindagi mein teen cheez kabhi underestimate nahi karna… I, Me, and Myself” in Telugu.

Neena Gupta says if she enters the Bigg Boss house, she is sure to get eliminated in the first week.

Both the actresses then meet the contestants via video and Rashmika tells Abdu he is her favorite.

She then asks Mc Stan how heavy his 2.5 crore worth of jewelry is and calls him fancy.

Afterward, Salman tells the contestants this is the “Daam” stage now.

He calls Shalin to do a chicken dance but Shalin’s performance is not satisfactory.

Salman then calls Manya and asks her to give title sashes to each contestant and if she does it successfully, she will become duty-free until BB’s next announcement.

Archana Flirts With Stan, Stan promises to gift a cow to her

Manya gives “Footage Ke Bhuke 2nd Runner Up” sash to Soundarya Sharma, followed by Priyanka, and then Archana who is titled as the winner of “Footage Ke Bhuke”.

Salman Khan then tells Archana if she convinces Mc Stan to give his 80K worth of shoes to her which she will have to keep in the storeroom, she will get two packets of milk as a gift. 

Archana tries her best to flirt with Stan but Stan avoids looking into the Sil Batta queen’s eye and says he will give an entire cow to Archana.

The next task requires the contestants to take the name of a person they feel should not become a captain.

The top four names include Gori, Priyanka, Abdu, & Nimrit and Salman tells them to pick a pair to perform the rest of the task.

The person who can hold their partner in their arms for longer will be the winner and a tie occur between Nimrit & Priyanka after Gori gets tired of holding Shiv.

No Elimination Round In BB16 First Week

Salman then delivers good news to all the contestants that no elimination is happening this week.

Later, Shalin Bhanot asks Tina to shut up as her mind is very fickle and she can’t let their group (Nimrit, Gautam, Sumbul, Shalin) stand strong.

Meanwhile, Priyanka asks Ankit to be more opinionated and talk more with others.

On the other hand, a hurt Tinna bitches with Soundarya & Mc Stan, saying Gautam and Shalin together are making things difficult for her as a girl regarding her feud with Sreejita.

Imlie VS Archana

In the night, Sumbul comes to fight with Archana over rice as Archana did not cook it.

However, Archana goes crazy and screams at Sumbul, stating if she wants rice, she should have told Archana before.

Gautam doesn’t support Sumbul and sides with Archana who is genuinely tired of cooking & delivering food.

In the bathroom, Nimrit tries to clear the air regarding Sumbul’s outburst with Archana but Soundarya pipes in & calls Archana a mental case who has run away from home.

Shiv and Tinna try to calm an irritated Archana down while Nimrit fights with Priyanka, stating she shouldn’t influence Archana’s mind.

Nimrit Cries 

However, Nimrit ends up crying due to captaincy pressure while Gori, Stan, and Sajid chill together in a corner.

Later, Abdu mimics Archana hilariously, saying he has always seen her blabbering.

Before the day ends, Archana clears out things up with Nimrit and cries herself while Gautam asks her to be strong since she will be the next MP of her state.

End of today's Bigg Boss 16 8th October 2022 written update.

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