Bigg Boss 16 9th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Date, Winner Prize Money

Bigg Boss 16 9th February 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Date, Winner Prize Money

Bigg Boss 16 9th February 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 16 9th February 2023 episode (day 132) starts with all the housemates waking up to the sirens and going to the Garden to sing the BB Anthem as per the rules.

Further, Archana Gautam makes breakfast without any input from Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and talks to herself, stating that she works better when there is no one taunting her.

Bigg Boss SURPRISES Top 5!

Afterward, Archana lies with Maahim and plays around while Bigg Boss calls them into the living area.

Bigg Boss tells them that today is the day when they walk through memory lane and relieve their journey in the Bigg Boss House.

The housemates get excited as Bigg Boss informs them that their costumes are kept in the store room.

MC Stan jokingly complains to Bigg Boss that they did not send him his shoes.

Afterward, Bigg Boss tells all the housemates to stay back while only Priyanka can go outside.

Priyanka happily walks out into the garden area while Archana is shocked to learn that the public is also outside.

Priyanka's Journey in BB16!

Priyanka walks onto the balcony and looms over the crowd of people that love her while Bigg Boss tells her to not be worried.

Bigg Boss further praises Priyanka and tells her that she is the only contestant who came inside the house with a friend but stayed lonely most of the time.

A clip of Priyanka's entry till her current moment is shown where she supported Ankit and fought for herself against other contestants.

The clip also includes all the time when Salman advised Priyanka and her fights and emotional moments with Ankit Gupta.

Priyanka gets emotional seeing the clips and tries to wipe hide her tears as she flutters her eyes open and close.

However, at last, her tears betray her and start flowing freely when the clip of Ankit picking her up and taking her to her bed is shown.

Moments of Priyanka's bold moments and her fights with her housemates along with comments from her fans also show lighting up Priyanka's mood.

Afterward, clips of Priyanka's happy and funny moments are shown while a clip of Salman calling her heroin material brings a smile to her face.

At last, Bigg Boss tells Priyanka that her voice has been etched into the fandom's hearts whether the contestants liked her voice or not.

Shalin Bhanot's Journey in Bigg Boss 16!

Afterward, Shalin Bhanot comes out into the Garden and gets happy as Bigg Boss welcomes him and praises him stating that only those who value the highs have been in the low.

Bigg Boss tells Shalin that his life has been like a movie and tells him to come with him on the journey to watch a trailer for it.

The clips of Shalin's journey with Tina and his friendship with the Mandali are also shown.

Further, the journey of Shalin's friendship with Sumbul Touqeer Khan and how their friendship came to an end is also shown.

The journey turns to how his relationship with Tina turned from friendship to a relationship causing him lots of pain and happiness together.

The moments where Shalin cried and went through an emotional down in the show are also shown which brings tears to his eyes.

The clips end and Shalin talk to the public about the importance of mental health and gets excited as Bigg Boss tells him that he was never off the grid since it was impossible to get him off the grid.

Shalin gets elated seeing the fireworks and the chants of people calling his name as Bigg Boss tells him that it will be very hard to replace Shalin in the next season.

Lastly, the public demands to see Shalin's body and he removes his shirt on public demand while Bigg Boss jokes that the audience made Shalin shirtless.

Shalin goes back inside the house and the finalists correctly guess that Shalin had removed his shirt while Shalin talks about how he could not believe what happened outside was true.

Priyanka asks him if most of his journey was about Sumbul and Tina while Shalin states that there were other moments too.

Afterward, Bigg Boss tells Shiv Thakare to come to the garden and addresses him by his full name while Shiv bows down in gratitude.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 16 (BB16) 9th February 2023 Episode.

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