Bigg Boss 17 10th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 10th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 10th January 2024 episode starts with everyone, including Ankita and Ayesha, asking Munawar why he didn't nominate Mannara and Abhishek despite all the hatred towards them.

Further, Ayesha expresses her frustration to Ankita, Isha, and Abhi, revealing that before joining BB, Munawar proposed to another girl, had a girlfriend (Nazilla), and had a backup (Ayesha) waiting.

Ayesha shares an incident where he mistakenly gifted another girl her favourite fruits, forgetting they were hers.

As Munawar arrives, Ayesha warns him and asks if she should spill everything when Munawar acts calmly.

Ayesha questions Munawar if he told Nazilla that he approached her because she'd make a free music video with him while Munawar refuses.

She shames Munawar for asking multiple girls for music videos expecting them not to charge, stating he shouldn't produce them if he can't afford them.

As Munawar leaves, she shouts that he can't sing and plans to rely on auto-tune for music videos.

Elsewhere, Munawar sits in the garden, asking BB to call him to the confession room as it's getting too much now and he can't handle it.

Vicky and Samarth enjoy the drama while Ankita sits in disbelief.

Ankita questions Ayesha about Munawar's wife when Ayesha reveals that Munawar cheated on his wife with Nazilla, highlighting her friendship with Nazilla as they have stayed with each other for days.

Meanwhile, Munawar goes to the medical room as he feels dizzy and asks the BB to talk to him.

Later, Ayesha reveals that Munawar said hurtful things about her to Nazilla, even revealing her past trauma leading Ankita to abuse Munawar.

Samarth and Vicky plan to challenge Munawar publicly, questioning his worthiness for the BB house.

Abhi empathizes with Munawar and warns Ayesha about Ankita and Vicky, mentioning their tendency to use people and their belongings.

At night, Munawar tries to talk to Ayesha but she doesn't respond to him, making him leave.

The next day, everyone dances to the BB anthem while Munawar stays in bed.

Mannara and Abhi discuss Ankita's cunningness while Abhi then tries to explain the seriousness of the situation to Munawar, urging him to get up.

Munawar tries to talk privately with Ayesha, but everyone crowds around, declining his request for a personal conversation.

Hesitant at first, Munawar admits he nominated Ayesha because she did it first, explaining that his reason wasn't genuine.

Ankita asks Munawar why he proposed to another girl while talking to Ayesha when Munawar explains he was advised to marry someone for custody reasons and initially wanted to marry Ayesha but she wasn't the right choice, which annoys her.

Munawar refrains from revealing more, indicating it would unveil things about Nazilla's past infidelity towards him.

Abhishek interrupts, requesting Munawar not to involve Nazilla as she's not present to defend herself.

However, Ayesha tearfully asks Munawar what he had with her when Munawar acknowledges that he wronged her and accepts responsibility.

He pleads with her to forgive him, expressing how he feels he's already ruined himself amidst everything and was incredibly stuck in between it all.

Ayesha leaves and sobs in the washroom when Ankita follows her, embracing her tightly for comfort.

Meanwhile, Munawar also cries, prompting Abhi, Isha, and Vicky to console him and appreciate him for accepting his mistake on National TV.

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