Bigg Boss 17 11th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 11th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 11th January 2024 episode starts with Bigg Boss asking everyone to gather in the living room.

BB scolds the housemates for playing their games, highlighting Munawar's tendency to dwell on past issues, Ankita's self-defense approach, Isha and Samarth's penchant for poking, Abhi's inclination towards conflicts, and Ayesha's focus on discussions about the outside world.

Further, BB tells everyone that since he's tired of their boring games, therefore, he's introducing a new game in which he will ask everyone to freeze and release.

Excitement fills the air as everyone anticipates the arrival of their family members, evoking a sense of nostalgia while in his heart, Abhi sincerely apologizes to Samarth.

BB starts the game by instructing Ankita to freeze.

To everyone's surprise, Ankita's mother is welcomed into the house, and upon finding Ankita in the washroom area, emotions overflow, and Ankita's mother hugs her tightly, prompting Ankita to break into tears.

BB releases everyone except Ankita when Upon her request, he allows her to embrace her mother, providing a moment for tears and comfort.

Further, Ankita's mother scolds Ankita and Vicky for not being genuine on camera.

She expresses deep concern about the outside world, revealing sleepless nights due to worry over ongoing events.

Vicky advises Ankita to improve, while Ankita's mother cautions both of them to be cautious about the outside world and not trust everyone easily.

Next, BB freezes everyone as Vicky's mother enters.

Unaware, she starts talking to the frozen housemates until Ankita's mother clues her in, resulting in laughter.

Vicky's mother meets everyone, bringing joy by sharing Shayaris with each person.

She adds a playful touch by treating Ankita like a baby, spreading laughter throughout the gathering.

Later, Ankita's and Vicky's mothers join forces in the kitchen, preparing a meal for everyone while the housemates gather around.

Meanwhile, BB calls Arun into the confession room, where he's shocked to find his wife waiting.

They share a tearful hug, and she reveals the devastating news of a miscarriage, attributing it to her profound longing for him while Arun breaks down emotionally.

Arun introduces his wife, who greets everyone with a big smile while the compliments on her beauty fill the air, accompanied by discussions about Vicky's shortcomings in treating Ankita well.

Afterward, BB arranges a private therapy session for Ankita and her mother-in-law in the therapy room.

Vicky's mother opens up about how their behaviour is negatively perceived by others, emphasizing the importance of presenting a positive image and advising Ankita to be mindful of her language as their relatives are gossiping about their marriage.

Ankita becomes emotional upon discovering that Vicky's father contacted her mom to express concerns and complaints about her.

Meanwhile, Mannara and Isha get into an argument when Isha brings up Mannara's words to Ayesha about Munawar not having feelings for her and wanting to distance himself.

Isha accuses Mannara of trying to create her place in Munawar's life while Mannara refuses it.

Elsewhere, Ankita cries to her mom, upset that everyone blames her for problems, and she feels Vicky gets more freedom from her mother-in-law than she does.

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