Bigg Boss 17 11th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 11th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 11th November 2023 episode starts with Salman Khan gracing the stage and greeting the audience in his usual way.

He welcomes Katrina Kaif by dancing with her on the song 'Leke Prabhu Ka Naam'.

Inside the house, Khaanzadi and Mannara Chopra get into an argument over the queue of line for ironing their outfits.

Aishwarya gets bashed for her anger issues!

Salman greets the housemates and wishes them a happy Diwali as he teases Isha Malviya, stating that someone will leave and another one is going to come.

He turns to Aishwarya Sharma and reveals that she mocks Ankita Lokhande.

Ankita acts shocked while Salman reveals that Ankita mocks Aishwarya too.

Talking about the week's update, Salman starts scolding the couple Aishwarya for disrespecting Neil Bhatt, her husband during fights and arguments between Ankita and Vicky Jain.

He shows them clips of Aishwarya mocking Neil when he is trying to talk to her and asks her how long is she going to test his patience.

He tells Aishwarya to think about how the audience will think about what happens with them behind closed doors when they are disrespecting each other this much on national television.

Neil tries to defend Aishwarya while Salman shuts both of them down by stating that their relationship is a formula for disaster.

He tells them that he told this to them on the basis of him being a host and would tell them to stop this and seek help if needed once they leave the show.

Salman tells Vicky that the same thing applies to him in his relationship with Ankita.

Salman supports Mannara!

Turning to Mannara, Salman tells her to start talking about her problem as she is the one who has those issues.

She starts talking about how she has started getting conscious about herself due to the words thrown at her which are contradictory.

Salman asks her to tell the names particularly when Mannara reveals that she was most importantly hurt when Jigna Vora and Rinku Dhawan nominated her.

He tells her that she was right about all the questions she asked this week but where she went wrong is seeking validation instead of speaking out confidentally.

Salman asks her whom she seeks validation from and she takes Anurag Dobhal's name.

Further, Salman points out the differences in the advice given to Mannara by other housemates and by Anurag, stating that he talks from here to there.

He adds about how the fight between Arun Mashetty and Munawar Faruqui was caused by Anurag's gossiping only.

Further, Neil and Aishwarya go into a corner while Ankita and Vicky start talking in a formal way, telling each other not to talk about what triggers the other person.

Elsewhere, Anurag and Arun get into an argument as it is revealed that they talk to each other outside of the house before the start of the show.

Aishwarya finally vents to Isha and Samarth Jurel about how she gets insecure with these types of comments as she had been Neil's opposite in their show.

Salman welcomes Katrina Kaif to promote their upcoming movie Tiger 3, revealing how she has some personal messages for the housemates but they will be able to see them only if they win the Tiger VS Zoya task.

A message from home!

Just then, Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiya come on the stage and start doing their comedy, making the host special guest Katrina and the audience roll over in laughter.

The comedic duo takes their leave after which Salman and Katrina greet the housemates who reveal that they have something special for her.

Couple Vicky-Ankita perform on the song Kaala Chashma while Abhishek Kumar and Samarth perform on the song 'Do you want a partner?', while Munawar and Mannara dance to 'Soni De Nakhre'.

Further, all the housemates dance to her songs and talk about the eliminations.

The housemates get excited as they watch the trailer for Tiger 3 after which Salman Khan makes Samarth and Anurag stand against each other and talk about why they are better than the other.

Samarth wins the task and gets to see the message from his parents and his brother, wishing him a happy Diwali.

The next housemates against each other are Mannara and Isha.

Isha wins and gets to see the video message from her parents, bringing tears to her eyes.

However, Katrina states that Mannara needs to see the video message from her mother too as she also spoke from her heart.

End of Bigg Boss 17 today's episode written update. To download Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi all episodes or watch the full episode (11 November 2023) online, go to or the Jiocinema App.

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