Bigg Boss 17 12th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 12th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 12th December 2023 episode starts with contestants dancing energetically in Jethalal's style, while Abhi and Munawar groove together in perfect sync.

Abhi discusses with Munawar how Anurag is cleverly emulating Vicky's tactics, adopting a student-like approach.

In the kitchen, Ankita feels annoyed with Vicky's insistence that Khanzaadi make the cheela instead of her.

This provokes Ankita, causing her to hand the task to Khanzaadi, expressing her jealousy.

Eventually, Khanzaadi requests Ankita to prepare it instead.

As everyone gathers in the kitchen, Vicky gets upset with Isha when she agrees with one of his points.

Ankita confronts Isha, fearing she might become the next target, but Isha manages to explain herself.

Amidst this, Munawar and Abhi mock Isha, escalating tensions, while Ankita and Vicky's argument intensifies, prompting Ankita to walk away from the situation.

Arun discusses Ankita's rude behaviour with Aishwarya and Neil, portraying Khanzaadi as innocent in the recent argument.

Later on, Ankita apologizes to Vicky for her earlier rudeness, but Vicky initially pushes her away before eventually being persuaded.

To lighten the mood, Ankita makes cheela for him, while Munawar and Isha playfully tease the duo.

Later, Aaora gives his necklace to Munawar, calling him a good friend, and they share a hug.

In the garden, Ankita advises Abhi to manage his aggression, mentioning Salman Khan's repeated reprimands on the matter, and asks if he hasn't moved on from it yet.

On the other hand, Vicky and Isha discuss her past relationship with Abhi when Vicky asks her about her breakup story.

She recounts how after their breakup, Abhi showed up at her place, causing a disturbance that led her to call for help.

Additionally, she mentions an incident at a club where Abhi unexpectedly slapped her, surprising Vicky.

BB calls Munawar to the confession room, briefing him about the task in which he has to sell his tickets to the contestants to compete against the luxury rations.

Munawar is told that each ticket will be priced at 5000 BB points and the contestants can choose to buy their ticket for 5000 points or opt for luxury ration items at the same cost.

Before Munawar even begins convincing, Ankita purchases her ticket, prompting Khanzaadi, Rinku, and Abhi to follow suit without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Anurag, Aaora, and Aishwarya rush to the store room to spend their 5000 BB points on luxury food items.

BB announces Munawar's stand-up show in a lavishly decorated activity room where Munawar gets a celebrity welcome.

He humorously roasts contestants, teasing Vicky, Abhi, Ankita, Isha, Neil, Aishwarya, Rinku, Khanzaadi, and Samarth with witty remarks.

BB rewards Munawar with 10,000 BB points for luxury items, strictly for his use.

Outside, Aishwarya taunts Neil for following the crowd and not having his own opinion, pointing out that he joined everyone to attend the show.

Further, in front of Ankita and Vicky, Isha opens up about feeling jealous and insecure about Mannara's closeness to Samarth.

When Isha talks to Samarth about her feelings, he dismisses her without trying to understand and even ends up questioning her upbringing, deeply hurting Isha.

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