Bigg Boss 17 12th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 12th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 12th January 2024 episode starts with Ankita seated, wearing a pensive expression, as her mother observes her with concern.

Ankita's mother encourages her to forget and enjoy the moment, but Ankita refuses, unable to move on from what she has learned about herself.

Further, Ankita confides in Vicky, who advises her not to be bothered by others' opinions as they hold no significance to him.

Ankita reveals her desire for a hug from Vicky, and as he prepares to embrace her, she questions why she always has to request such simple gestures.

Vicky becomes upset hearing Ankita's grievances, expressing frustration over their differing lifestyles and his perceived failure to meet her expectations.

Ankita then proposes the idea of taking a break, but Vicky, uncertain, suggests they focus on finding a solution instead.

During the night, Ankita, feeling restless, seeks out Vicky's mother and apologizes sincerely for every mistake she's made and for her behaviour towards Vicky.

Ankita apologizes to Vicky's mother for her mistakes.

Despite Vicky's mother acknowledging Vicky's faults, Ankita tearfully receives an apology and hug from Vicky.

The next day, the BB anthem sets everyone dancing, including Ankita's mother, Vicky's mother, and Arun's wife all joining in the enjoyment.

BB tells the contestants to freeze, welcoming Arun's daughter warmly and her emotional reunion with Arun brings tears to both of them.

BB signals to release, and everyone rushes towards Arun's daughter, struck by her beauty.

Arun breaks down in tears, missing her dearly.

As she hugs him, BB asks the guests to leave, and Arun's wife takes away his T-shirt.

Afterwards, Abhi and Ayesha have a minor disagreement, but Vicky blows it out of proportion, sparking a heated argument and turning everyone against Abhi once again.

However, Abhi requests everyone to stop the argument, wanting to keep a happy atmosphere during the family week without any negativity.

BB freezes everyone to welcome Munawar's sister and she chats extensively with Mannara, making others feel neglected.

Meanwhile, BB releases everyone gradually when they rush to meet Mitali.

Later, BB freezes everyone to welcome Amreen, Munawar's sister and she hugs Munawar, both breaking down emotionally.

Abhi tears up witnessing the siblings' emotional reunion while Amreen greets everyone with hugs, except Ayesha, who, though feeling hurt, understands the situation.

Amreen tells Munawar that Abhi is a loyal friend, while Mannara, though okay as a friend, tends to speak a lot.

Next, BB freezes everyone to welcome Ayesha's brother, impressing everyone with his physique.

Upon release, he advises Ayesha to keep some distance from Munawar, and Munawar apologizes to Ayesha's brother.

In the evening, Ankita asks Abhi to address his issues, and he agrees quietly.

However, Isha intervenes, provoking Abhi and prompting him to ask her not to instigate him.

The argument intensifies as Isha verbally abuses Abhi but denies it in front of everyone.

In response, Abhi also uses harsh language, leading everyone to side with him, and labelling him wrong for verbally attacking a girl.

Munawar suggests to Isha to go on camera, expressing her inability to tolerate the abuse.

Meanwhile, Ayesha attempts to calm down Abhi, but her efforts prove futile as Samarth and Vicky persist in provoking him.

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