Bigg Boss 17 13th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 13th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 13th January 2024 episode starts with everyone discussing how Abhishek abused Isha and how it shows his character.

Munawar says that he should not have called Isha a dog as she is a girl to which Abhishek replies that Isha abused him first.

Vicky says that Abhishek is lying about the fact that Isha abused him.

The next day, Ankita asks Vicky if she ever asked him not to talk to any girl out of spite to which Vicky says that she has never done this.

She continues to say that his mother accused her of doing so to which Vicky replies that it might look like this from the outside.

He says that Ankita dislikes every time he is having breakfast with any girl to which she replies that she only dislikes Manara.

Big Boss freezes Vicky which makes everyone paint his face, Big boss freezes and unfreezes the contestants to prank them.

He then asks everyone to freeze while a car enters the house and Isha's father Ashish enters and hugs her as she cries.

Ashish thanks Ankita and Vicky for taking care of Isha.

Everyone gets released while Munawar says that he is getting cold vibes from Ashish toward Samarth.

Later Big Boss freezes all the contestants and welcomes Samarth's father Mukesh.

Mukesh goes to Samarth and picks him up in the air while hugging him.

After some time, Abhishek's mother Sandhya enters the house making Abhishek weep like a child.

Munawar gets released which makes Abhishek ask Sandhya to hug him tightly as he is a very good friend of his.

Isha's father tells her that she does not need anyone's support to play the game insinuating that she does not need Samarth.

He also tells her that Isha's mother is angry with her because of Samarth.

Bigboss then calls all the contestants to the Garden Area where an Astrologer is sitting.

He tells Vicky that he is a deep thinker and a mastermind after which he tells Abhishek that he needs to work on his anger.

He then tells Ankita that she has to wait till April after which she will have clarity after which Isha comes and tells her that soon a big good change will come into her life.

He then tells Manara that she should not tell her plans to anyone after which he tells Arun that he has a lot of potential in him.

Munawar tells the astrologer that his religion does not allow him to believe in astrology.

Samarth and Ayesha go in next and find out their destinies.

After some time Big Boss asks Samarth and Isha's dad Ashish to come to the therapy room where Ashish is asked to say a few words.

Ashish says that Isha should not be the sole motive of his game and leaves Isha to play her own game.

Isha and Sandhya are called next and Sandhya tells her to play the game and not bring out outside grudges which makes Isha apologise to her.

Later, Isha's father tells her to stop being so intimate with Samarth as it does not look good on camera.

The next day, Big Boss freezes everyone and asks Ashish, Mukesh, and Sandhya to exit the house.

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