Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 episode starts with the housemates waking up to the sound of the morning alarm as they all rush to the garden area and dance and sing to the BB Anthem. 

Arun Mashetty and Anurag Dobhal get into an argument as Arun states that he had talked to Anurag before the BB show.

Anurag starts arguing and continues talking about Arun's family and very low things while Arun states that he knows whom Anurag goes inside the YouTube meets with and whom he comes out with.

This triggers Anurag as he starts justifying that he was with his sister and starts fighting with Arun and getting physical stating that he cannot talk about his family.

On the other hand, Abhishek Kumar gets hugged by Khaanzadi while he and Vicky Jain are doing the dishes making him tell her that they need to talk.

Further, they sit and talk as he tells her that it's better for them to not act on their attraction for each other and play their game.

Khaanzadi nods and states that she has always been going with the flow.

Later, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky also sit and talk when he vents that he feels inferior to her since he is being accused of getting aggressive to her when he has never done that and feels like he is just being made out to stay as Ankita Lokhande's husband.

Ankita nods and suggests that they forget that they are married while inside the house which Vicky agrees.

Final Warning for Housemates

Further, Bigg Boss calls everyone into the Maholla and gives the news bulletins of the aggression in the house warning them that he will not see who started the aggression first but will take strict action.

He tells the housemates to take it as his last warning and a threat while reminding them that none of his threats are empty.

The kitchen opens and Anurag asks Sana Raees Khan what she wants as he is going to make food for them only.

Meanwhile, Vicky convinces Ankita by calling her Anku.

However, when she calls him to bed, he gets into an argument with her and tells her that he cannot come with her as he's not feeling sleepy.

Their conversation once again leads Vicky to state that they should not talk while in the BB house as he cannot handle it.

At night, Abhishek comes to sit beside Khaanzadi to talk to her while Naved Soni calls him sexy and teases him making both of them laugh.

Ankita apologizes to Vicky and tries to talk to him but rudely tells her that he does not wish to talk to her making her turn away from him.

On the other hand, Khaanzadi and Abhishek are in the garden area.

The next morning, Vicky and Ankita seem to have patched up while Arun and Sunny Bhai are in the kitchen while Anurag comes to them and continues commenting on them.

Bigg Boss CLOSES the kitchen

Arun tells him that he is going to give him food in charity which angers Anurag and he throws the mug onto the floor destroying it as Samarth Jurel and Abhishek drag him out.

Anurag gets into an argument with Abhishek and even drags Isha Malviya into it.

Further, the housemates are called into the Maholla once again as he scolds them for Anurag's actions and punishes them by stating that the kitchen will be closed until further instructions.

As for personal punishment, Anurag will be nominated for elimination till the end of the show.

Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Neil Bhatt and others start arguing with Anurag blaming him for everything while Khaanzadi takes him away to calm him.

Mannara later takes Anurag aside and shouts at him trying to tell him that he should change the people he sits with.

The housemates later get a message from the Glance Lock Screen telling all of them to go back to their houses.

Bigg Boss gives the housemates a chance to put into the requests for changing their address or someone else's by giving valid reaosns.

Later, Bigg Boss calls Anurag into the confession room and asks him why he's here to which Anurag states that he wishes to change his house.

He talks about how he is feeling alone in the Gut House after the argument with Arun and wants to into the Brain House.

Vicky also comes into the house along with Ankita and Sana.

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