Bigg Boss 17 14th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 14th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 14th November 2023 episode starts with Samarth Jurel coming inside the confession room and telling Bigg Boss that he does not wish to be in the Heart House.

Afterward, all are in the garden area when Bigg Boss calls all of them into the Mohalla and them that their Tabadla (transfer) has been done.

The housemates rush to the different houses to see where they have ended up and Vicky is happy to have ended up in the Brain House.

On the other hand, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky's wife, gets upset realizing that she has been separated from her husband. 

Bigg Boss asks her why she's upset stating that the one who has gotten away is dancing with joy.

Vicky rushes to console Ankita but she does not wish to talk to him after Bigg Boss' comment. 

She walks away from him telling him to think that they are not married here and to play their game separately. 

Ankita feels detached

At night, Ankita calls Vicky and he leaves his friends saying that his time to get scolded has come.

Ankita tells him to not be funny and they sit on the couch as she starts venting everything.

She tells him that she does not know what she lacked that she could not make him happy and wants to go home now.

Ankita states that she knows she has become overly dependent on him and is done with it now.

He tells her to take a walk and they both again patch up as he explains to her that they need to find their individuality in the show while staying as a couple.

On the other hand, Khaanzadi and Abhishek Kumar talk in the garden area and discuss whether they should move forward with their relationship.

Munawar Faruqui teases Ankita by bidding her goodnight as an Individual after which he goes to Mannara Chopra.

She sings a Shayri for him and teases him saying that his second version has started after his move from the Brain House.

The next morning, Anurag Dobhal talks to Vicky and states how he has been getting frustrated with the comments on his Brosena (Bro Army).

He requests Bigg Boss to call him into the medical room for a psychiatric evaluation.

However, when talking with Isha, she convinces Anurag to try to become a supportive figure.

Later, Rinku Dhawan gets into an argument with Anurag and accuses him of stealing her house's curd.

Anurag patches up with Tehelka Bhai and Arun Mashetty while Bigg Boss calls everyone into the Maholla and Anurag into the confession room.

Anurag's wish to go home!

Further, the housemates watch through the LED screen as Bigg Boss asks Anurag if he is asking for a psychiatrist after learning about a clause in the contract from Vicky.

Anurag accepts that Vicky had told him about it being a last option.

Bigg Boss informs him that their mental health is their biggest priority but they will be evaluated only when the psychiatrists who are watching him twenty-four-seven deem it fit.

Bigg Boss asks Anurag about the Bro Sena topic and he states that he does not wish anyone to talk about his fanbase.

To this, Bigg Boss retorts that Anurag has a convenient approach to it as he talks about Bro Sena when he thinks that it'll make him look strong.

This causes Anurag and Bigg Boss to get into an argument.

The housemates get shocked while Bigg Boss asks Anurag if he wishes to leave the show of his own will.

Anurag states that he will consider it if Bigg Boss lets him leave without any penalty.

Anurag's 'humble suggestion' irks Bigg Boss as he states that it is the first time someone has raised a finger on the show.

At night, Ankita and Abhishek get into an argument when she shows him a derogatory sign which triggers him.

Meanwhile, Abhishek goes to Khanzaadi's bed and gets under the covers with her.

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