Bigg Boss 17 16th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 16th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 16th November 2023 episode starts with all the housemates waking up to the sound of the morning alarm as they all rush to the garden area.

Ankita Lokhande and others talk about the lack of ration while Aishwarya Sharma reveals that the vegetables they stole and hid have gotten fungus on them.

Khaanzadi comes to vent to Jigna Vora and gets into an argument with Munawar Faruqui.

Abhishek Kumar supports Munawar reminding Khaanzadi that she too steals and becomes selfish when she wants something.

She again comes to the garden after Ankita Lokhande tells her to raise the topic of Abhishek and him using the word 'Sukoon' which Jigna and Rinku Dhawan oppose her for it.

Aishwarya also gets into an argument and makes a rude comment for which she apologizes to both Abhishek and Khaanzadi.

Bigg Boss later scolds the housemates of House Heart for distributing the Galaxy chocolate and takes back the key from them.

Later, Bigg Boss gives the invitation to Mannara Chopra and Ankita for the BB Diwali Bash.

Further, Arun Mashetty and Sunny Arya gets an invitation followed by Sara Raees Khan, Khaanzadi, and Abhishek Kumar.

Munawar teases Mannara telling her to tell Bigg Boss to send him an invitation otherwise he will not talk to her for a week.

He also becomes a translator for Naved Soni and requests Bigg Boss to send them an invitation.

Rinku, Jigna, and Neil Bhatt get an invitation next while Mannara tells Munawar to get ready as she is sure he will get an invitation.

Munawar, Isha Malivya, and Anurag Dobhal get an invitation next followed by Samarth Jurel leaving only Vicky without an invitation.

However, he gets an invitation too while he questions why he got it last.

Bigg Boss tells him to listen to Isha as she had said that the strong ones will not get invited.

Ankita gets offended and asks her if she thinks she and Mannara are weak since they had gotten the invitation first while Isha laughs it off.

Further, Bigg Boss makes the housemates put a tape with 'Do Not Talk' on their mouths before entering the garden area revealing that the paparazzi are also welcome to this party.

Samarth gets out on the stage first followed by Abhishek.

Bigg Boss asks the reporters if they don't want a picture of them together and the duo gets on the stage together.

After their solos, Khaanzadi makes her entry and Abhishek joins her to make her less lonely.

The married couples get up next followed by the singles and the rest of the housemates.

The housemates get a group photo after which Bigg Boss thanks the paparazzi and bids them goodbye.

They decide to play a game of BB Cards to win the ration for the next week.

In each round, there will be three players and two dealers who will be given three contestant cards to each player.

The players will have to talk ill about the contestant cards they have gotten without revealing their identity and at the end, the dealers will reveal who the winner of the round is.

The winner will get to decide which house to give ration to and how much to give to.

Mannara, Ankita, and Abhishek win the rounds and get their hands on the ration.

Later, Isha and Samarth get into an argument while Abhishek tells them to calm down.

End of Bigg Boss 17 today's episode written update. To download Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi all episodes or watch the full episode (16 November 2023) online, go to or the Jiocinema App.

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