Bigg Boss 17 16th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 16th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 16th October 2023 episode (Day 1) starts with Abhishek Kumar asking Mannara Chopra about how her room is fixed.

She tells him that he'll look stupid if he talks without listening while he calls her stupid too and tells her that he can't call her that.

Mannara starts complaining to Isha Malviya who says that Abhi can play his own game.

Further, Abhi starts telling Mannara that he'll stay in the same bed as she which makes her uncomfortable.

Isha tells Mannara that she'll agree to share the room with her and takes everyone's opinion while she and Abhi get into an intense argument.

Further, Soniya and Khanzaadi gossip about Mannara while having dinner and state that she is short-tempered and egoistic.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Isha talk and he explains to her that he is trying to go against Mannara so that she doesn't get any benefits like captaincy from Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss advises housemates

She questions him about how can he think so far into the house while Bigg Boss calls them to the hallway to talk.

He teases Ankita Lokhande for not wearing a mic and then tells them how he's going to be accused of being biased to one category of contestants or the others sooner or later which is why he's going to show open favoritism.

Further, Bigg Boss tells them about how they thought of the simple task of choosing their house as a secret task due to their learned version of Bigg Boss.

He advises them to play with their own individuality from the next day while telling them to state which house they are going to stay in.

After all the housemates state their decision, half go to sleep while the rest gossip about Abhishek's behavior as Abhi tells Vicky Jain about his relationship with Isha.

Later, Abhi tells Isha how Sunny tried to talk to him before entering the house and requesting him to join the alliance in the house with the promise of being in the top 5.

A new day in BB House!

The next morning, Vicky tells Mannara about Isha and Abhi's relationship while she jokes that Isha was trying to sell Abhi to her the previous night stating that he's single.

Meanwhile, Jigna Vora is telling her story to Anurag, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, and Rinku Dhawan.

Elsewhere, Vicky Jain and Arun Mashetty talk about the disgust in the bathroom and decide to announce the hygiene rules to everyone.

At noon, the music starts playing and all the housemates rush to the garden to dance.

Bigg Boss greets them and also reveals the new BB Anthem and instructs them how they will have to sing the BB Anthem after the song every morning.

Further, the housemates decide on how to distribute the kitchen duties while Arun and Abhi get into a shouting argument making everyone else laugh.

Bigg Boss scolds them for overlapping each other and makes them clap for Neil who was stating the same thing and calls Sana Raees Khan into the confession room.

The housemates wonder why Sana is called into the house while Bigg Boss reminds Sana that she is in the Dimag Makan so she should be responsible for the house's working.

He advises her to do the decision-making and tells them that the six people living in the Brain house have the responsibility of distributing the duties to the contestants along with their pros and cons.

Housemates become Civil for once

Sana goes out and talks to Arun, Anurag Dobhal, Jigna, Navid Soni, and Sonia Bansal telling them that they have to decide who will be given which duty.

Jigna and Rinku get the cooking duty with Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek, and Tehelka Bhai will get the bathroom duty.

Abhi argues that he does not want to do the duty while Vicky and others try to explain why it's necessary to try and mingle with others too.

Later, Abhi talks to Naved and tries to understand his sexuality while Jigna laughs saying that he is taking Naved's liking the wrong way and helps them communicate.

Munawar comes and asks Mannara why she's looking off since the morning while she tells him that she does not wish to be friends with him and has a lovely banter with him.

Vicky and others prank the housemates by lying to them that they can change their houses.

Soniya and Abhishek get into a heated verbal argument over a place in the Heart house.

Mannara's attempts at patching up with BB

Further, Bigg Boss teases the housemates and asks Isha if she wishes to keep Abhi in the Heart House since Abhi wishes to go from Brain to Heart House.

Afterward, BB reveals that it is Vicky's master plan and how he wants to kick Mannara out of the Heart House so that he can bring Abhi in and expose him to the housemates.

Isha further argues with Mannara for projecting her wrongly by talking about her with Abhi and tells her to mind her words.

At night, Ankita talks with Vicky about how his way of trying to make friends is looking a little astray making him negative.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss calls Manawar, Mannara, and Rinku into the confession room to ask them about the feedback from his previous actions.

He tells them that he does not feel bad about pranks but is upset with the intention behind the prank.

Mannara also tries to cheer up Bigg Boss since he's upset with her when he tells her that he has only one heart which has broken.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 17 16th October 2023 Episode 2.

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