Bigg Boss 17 18th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 18th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 18th December 2023 episode starts with BB asking Munawar how was his last week to which he replies that he learnt a lot from last week.

BB reminds Munawar about Salman's comment about him being a non-commital and offers him a chance to learn about the outside world as there's someone who has some accusations against him.

Elsewhere, Isha indulges in a fight with Rinku as Isha opens the kitchen for a while but Rinku opposes her actions as it will reduce the limited time in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Munawar watches a clip of Ayesha, her ex who talks about how she has a history with Munawar before he was coming to the Bigg Boss.

She reveals how Munawar was single before coming to the BB but after entering the house, he has started missing her girlfriend every day and is committed according to him.

Further, BB allows Ayesha to enter the Archive room leading Ayesha to enter while giving a very sarcastic look to Munawar.

Munawar insists to Ayesha that they should talk inside the archive room and sort out the things as he doesn't want to take the topic out.

Ayesha accuses Munawar of double dating as he was dating her while he was also talking and working things out with Narzilla, her ex.

However, Munawar refuses to accept the allegations, saying he was on a break and was not involved with his ex.

Ayesha informs him about all the proof she has against him as he is talking to Narzilla while dating her and tells him to accept that was double dating.

Outside, Isha and Samarth get into an argument with Abhi protesting as Isha is being very selfish and not reasonable with the kitchen thing.

Meanwhile, Ayesha reveals how Munawar told the same thing to her and Narzilla that he will meet them before going to the BB.

Just then, BB tells Mannara to bring the new contestant from the archive room but Mannara acts innocent as she enjoys Munawar and Ayesha's misunderstands and joins them, asking about the matter, saying that BB asked her to be a part of it.

Munawar struggles to explain his actions while Ayesha questions him with her unwavering audacity.

She adds that Munawar once returned to his place, saying he's not feeling good but he talked to Narzilla on video call all night.

BB reminds Mannara once again about his order when Mannara finally takes Munawar and Ayesha outside the room.

Further, Munawar introduces Ayesha to the housemates, saying they both had a thing while the housemates jump in excitement.

Munawar tries to clear his side in front of the contestants when Ayesha enters, asking playfully if he's crying.

BB asks Ankita what she means when she asks Ayesha how she is looking to which Ankita apologises to him yet again for trying to seek outside information.

Outside, Munawar expresses to Vicky how he's worried about Narzeela as she will not like this part.

Meanwhile, Samarth instigates Abhi in front of Ayesha while Abhi takes his stand leading Isha and Samarth to gang up against him.

Samarth imitates Abhi in the way he cries leading Ankita to accompany him which triggers Abhi, causing a heated argument with him against Isha, Samarth, Vicky and Ankita.

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