Bigg Boss 17 18th January 2024 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 18th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 18th January 2024 episode starts with Team A becoming the first 4 contestants for the finale week while Team B gets disqualified due to unethical gameplay.

Ankita calls out Munawar by passing comments like coward and loser for choosing the option to nominate her and her team.

Munawar and his team celebrate with dance and soda drinks for going into finals while Ankita and Isha start to get into into a fight with Mannara by calling her characterless.

Vicky tells Munawar that he is disappointed by their decision and Munawar has proved that he is not a man by acting like a coward.

Ayesha says that she did not realize that they would get disqualified from the competition while Ankita and Isha continue to taunt and insult Munawar and Mannara.

As Vicky says that Mannara deserves to go into the finale week, Ankita gets offended and asks Vicky to stop saying such nonsense as it has already caused many fights between them.

Ankita acts petty with Mannara and Arun while cooking dinner after which she comments that Arun is like a rolling vessel with no fixed place while she is a dedicated team member who has done everything for her team.

During the nighttime, Mannara comes to Munawar and Abhishek after getting frustrated as Isha and Ankita continue to shame her character by passing statements.

Isha continues to say that Mannara does not deserve to go to the finals as she has never played for herself after which Mannara comes to the boy's room and sleeps there.

The next morning, everyone starts their day with the wake-up call after which Ankita and Mannara again start arguing with each other.

Lizol presents a fun skit play for two teams consisting of Munawar, Arun, and Isha as team 1 and Ankita, Ayesha, and Vicky as team 2 while Abhishek and Mannara become the judges.

Both teams act out a skit to show how Lizol is the best thing to use while cleaning floors and the best team will get to enjoy a cupcake treat which gets won by Arun, Munawar, and Isha.

With the sky getting dark, Abhishek and Munawar laugh among themselves as they talk about Vicky and Ankita while the married couple takes a walk together which soon turns disastrous.

Vicky comes to talk to Mannara as he notices her sitting alone after which he asks her if she misses her friends to which Mannara states that she has seen everyone's fakeness.

Ankita calls Vicky inside the house and Vicky asks her why she is making faces after which they sit with Isha and Ankita gets offended as Vicky says that they should stop talking about Mannara.

Ankita starts crying after coming into her room as Vicky laughs while she tries to speak after which Vicky ends up saying sorry to Ankita for whatever has offended her.

Later, Ayesha comes after Mannara saying that she has talked about her health while Mannara and Arun tell everyone that they were not making any offensive comments.

Ayesha continues to argue with Mannara after which Isha comments that Abhishek is fake and he comes out of the room to wish Isha good night with his opinion that she is looking very bad.

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