Bigg Boss 17 18th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 18th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 18th October 2023 episode 4 (Day 3) starts with all the housemates being woken up at 8:00 AM which surprises them as they go to the garden area and sing the BB Anthem.

Vicky Jain jokes with Mannara Chopra and Soniya Bansal while Anurag Dobhal comes there and complains to Mannara that she hasn't cooked the tea perfectly.

Meanwhile, Abhishek Kumar talks to Sunny about how Khaanzadi is involved with only him and Sonia.

Munawar Faruqui is talking to the camera about how Abhishek has started using his brain after being nominated while Anurag has a plan in his mind and has reserved himself from Munawar.

On the other hand, Sunny jokes with Ankita Lokhande and Mannara about his over-the-top expensive clothing items and how he's going to gift them to them.

Khanzaadi tells Anurag, Sunny, and Sonia how she feels that the television people are hesitant to interact with them.

Later, Khaanzadi gives dating advice to Abhishek telling him that he needs a smart girl but Isha Malviya is still a little childish for him.

Mannara talks to Anurag telling him how she knows that Vicky told him to talk about tea in the morning and tells him to not get manipulated and stay the way his fans like him.

The fans read a warning about one overbearing person who uses sweet words and housemates assume it to be Vicky.

Garden of Roses for therapy!

Further, Abhi vents to Munawar about how he wants to be far and create a little distance from Isha but is unable to while Munawar hugs him and states that it seems like they are the same person.

Bigg Boss calls everyone into the Maholla and sends Vicky to get Naved while teasing Ankita telling her that Vicky is not paying attention to her.

He further tells the housemates that most of them have started making paths for their future games while there is a couple who are lost.

Bigg Boss reveals it to be Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt and tells them to go on a date in the garden of roses that has been made for them to talk it out.

The housemates cheer them on as the couple goes inside the garden and sit down.

Bigg Boss tells them that he made the garden more dense like their minds and tells them to talk it out.

Neil tells Aishwarya that he thinks the housemates are trying to separate them while Aishwarya states that she feels like she is too dumb to understand the game time.

Bigg Boss gives advice

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss asks the other housemates if the date is going to have any effect on the couple or their game or not to which most of them reply negatively.

Inside the garden, Neil and Aishwarya talk about how the housemates are playing their games while she jokingly asks Bigg Boss what the format of the show is.

Bigg Boss advises them to support each other and tells them truthfully that they are not even equal to one contestant being combined and asks who is bringing who down.

He asks the couple how they are trying to interact and play their games as a part of therapy and asks if they have gotten insecure or intimidated by other couples in the show.

Bigg Boss tells them that they have the advantage that they have brought an already existing relationship into a show of relationships.

Bigg Boss informs them that they are not a threat to anyone in the house and asks who is more boring than them in the Maholla.

Lastly, before letting them go outside, he asks who is their target and Neil takes Ankita and Vicky's name while Aishwarya is still unsure.

Aishwarya's new avatar

Meanwhile, Ankita argues with Mannara who had taken her and Vicky's names when Bigg Boss told her to guess which couple he is talking about.

Later, Jigna Vora and Ankita again get into an argument against Abhishek over food.

Neil talks to Aishwarya and tells her to not try to create an argument with Vicky as they need not fight but understand how they are playing.

Khaanzadi and Sonia Bansal argue with Rinku Dhawan and Jigna as Khaanzadi wants to go back to her kitchen duty.

Munawar talks to Mannara and even gives her advice on how she should think before making friends and only do it if she feels like it.

Aishwarya gets into an argument with Anurag arguing that he orders people around without asking first.

At night, Ankita tries to talk to Vicky but she feels as if he is acting distant from her and different than how they were outside.

Isha indirectly comments on Khaanzadi who is talking with Abhishek leading to Khanzadi confronting her.

Munawar goes to the bathroom and says that Bigg Boss has not made a casting mistake but they have to find mistakes in the contestants and prove them unfit.

End of Bigg Boss 17 18th October 2023 Episode.

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