Bigg Boss 17 19th December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 19th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 19th December 2023 episode starts with a fight between Abhishek and Vicky when Ankita gets involved in it.

Ankita asks Abhishek what he meant by how Vicky got the girl.

Vicky pushes Abhishek after which Abhishek also pushes Vicky and a volley of shouts are heard.

Aishwarya makes fun of Ankita's appearance saying she looks like a ghost.

Outside, Munawar tells Abhishek he can fight with Ankita but how he speaks is bad.

Just then, Ayesha Khan comes there in hopes to reason with Abhishek but they also start arguing.

Later, Abhishek goes to talk to Mannara who says Ayesha looks like a solid girl who can confront anyone upfront.

In the garden, Ayesha asks Munawar why he said he still loves his ex when they were supposed to be a thing as after this incident, she cannot trust any boy anymore.

Munawar apologizes but Ayesha says she cannot accept it until she sees it in his actions.

In the morning, all the housemates are sitting in the garden area where Mannara brings up Ankita's topic.

She states that Ankita wasn't even sensitive enough and asked Ayesha how she was looking outside when Ayesha was talking about Munawar. 

This prompts Ankita to ask Mannara to say it out loud if she is brave enough and this results in a heated argument with the duo.

Mannara ends up crying while Ankita shouts, heading towards the bathroom, asking Vicky never to trust Mannara ever again.

Later, two factions are made in the garden area where Ayesha tells her story to other inmates like Mannara, Anurag, etc., and says Munawar has cheated on Nazila and he didn't even tell her.

Meanwhile, Munwar starts to cry and Abhishek asks him to be strong after which Ayesha comes to calm him down and they talk in private.

On the other hand, Mannara talks about Abhishek and how stupid he is as he starts to sing a song to imply that Mannara is feeling too much for Munawar.

Isha and Ankita talk to each other about Munawar's situation while in the garden area, Aishwarya as usual starts to bad mouth Ankita.

All of this goes on as Ayesha reminds Munawar that he is here to win the trophy and should not talk about going back home.

End of today's Bigg Boss 17 19th December 2023 episode.

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