Bigg Boss 17 19th October 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 19th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 19th October 2023 episode 5 (Day 4) starts with Bigg Boss once again waking up all the housemates at 8 AM with the buzzer as they go to the garden area and sing the BB Anthem.

Naved Soni learns Jigna Vora's name as she is making breakfast while Sonia Bansal and Mannara Chopra get into a little argument due to the duty of who was supposed to make tea.

Later, Naved talks to Sonia, Munawar Faruqui, and Khaanzadi that he feels like he is being alienated due to his disadvantage with the language barrier.

Ankita Lokhande tries to get Vicky Jain's attention when he is helping with breakfast which is her duty but gets angry when he doesn't listen to her.

Ankita-Vicky argue!

Further, he tries to talk out their misunderstanding but she tells him that she is feeling alone while he tells her that he cannot do anything about how she is feeling and leaves shouting at her.

Meanwhile, Sonia tries to convince Rinku Dhawan and Jigna to tell Khaanzadi that this is not how the Poha is made but they refuse to be a part of it.

Sonia finally tells it to Khaanzadi herself who gets upset that nobody guided her.

Jigna and Rinku mock her telling her that she should not have taken up cooking duty if she did not know how to cook which makes her cry.

Isha Malviya tries to talk in favor of Ankita to Vicky but he tells her that Ankita comes to him when she needs him and then leaves to mingle with her own friends' circle.

Khaanzadi tells the housemates that she knows how to make only her state's food which is not negative and demands that they make Peetha which is an Assamese dish.

Neil Bhatt and Vicky discuss the game plan while Munawar and Abhishek Kumar mimic them and joke about it.

Isha talks to Ankita and goes to Vicky telling him that Ankita is really upset.

Vicky goes to Ankita and talks to her as she reveals to him that he leaves old people behind when he finds new people.

She cries that they promised to be together inside Bigg Boss but he is nowhere with her since she is doing everything alone.

He simply apologizes to her while she tells him that others should not tell them how to run their relationship.

She tells him that she feels like she is alone.

He hugs her and tells her to scold him if she feels like while she states that he does not need her in this house but she needs him and she doesn't want him to be her weakness but her strength.

Mannara gets emotional

On the other hand, Abhi and Anurag Dobhal are talking about old contestants which makes the Bigg Boss call them out for not being real like other contestants.

Afterward, Mannara is crying in the corner feeling anxious while Vicky and Ankita try to comfort her.

She reveals that she does not feel comfortable with the contestants talking about her family and other contestants come as Mannara finally reveals that Sonia is cunningly trying to target her.

Bigg Boss tells the housemates to collect in the Maholla as Vicky has started giving advice only.

He reveals that he has called some journalists to ask the crime journalist Jigna Vora for a press conference and tells the housemates that they can watch it from the plasma screen.

Bigg Boss tells the reports that he is biased towards Jigna since he has held the special conference for her only while Jigna jokingly states that she does not know what she is going to feel now that the press is here.

A fellow Gujarati reporter talks about her book and asks her how she is feeling now while she sarcastically states that she is thankful to the media for wherever she went and where she is now.

She talks about how humiliating for her to enter the jail being a high-class reporter and how her son had come to meet her at the jail and believed in her for being innocent.

Jigna also recalls how her 90-year-old grandfather who used to walk with a stick was photographed by ruthless reporters and how it was a humiliating moment for her.

Jigna gives clapbacks

Another reporter asks her if this is her well-thought plan to whitewash her reputation and she states that she just wants to show her truth after she was labeled as a murderer, a mistress, and a link to the underworld.

She states that she hopes that she can be an inspiration for others to be strong while a reporter asks her if she thinks she crossed a line in her career time when she had connections with the crime world to get news.

Jigna states that she is asking everyone through the media why this happened to her and they can see it in all of her interviews.

Another reporter asks Jigna if she is bitter against the media while Jigna states that she is not bitter but she is upset.

When asked about any mistake she would not like to regret, Jigna states that she would not like to trust anyone easily.

Munawar and other contestants get emotional hearing Jigna's clap backs to the journalist's questions.

Bigg Boss ends the press conference revealing that it is his best conference till now as the housemates rush to hug Jigna.

Munawar talks to Jigna telling her that her son will be so proud of her as she starts crying and finally gets happy that her truth is being seen.

Khaanzadi again picks up an argument and Munawar tries to explain to her calmly but she starts talking about her Assam which angers him.

Ankita again goes to the therapy room where Bigg Boss tells her that he needs therapy and asks Ankita why Khaanzadi, Sonia, and others start fighting around this time of the night to which Ankita says that it seems like this is their game plan.

Afterward, Ankita goes out and tells Munawar to not give any attention to Khaanzadi or Sonia and tells Sonia that she and Khaanzadi are trying to make them look like fools.

End of Today's Bigg Boss 17 19th October 2023 episode.

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