Bigg Boss 17 21st December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 21st December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 21st December 2023 episode starts with heated arguments on post-nomination tasks in the house.

Anurag and Mannara fight with each other and get irritated as they talk about how fake their friendship is.

Mannara tells Anurag that she is glad to take his hatred but Anurag says it isn't hatred as Mannara has shown her real face.

In the garden, Aishwarya approaches Munawar post-nomination to ask him why he nominated her and why she doesn't look approachable to him.

The conversation doesn't take place and rather an argument breaks out as Munawar states Aishwarya doesn't even make an effort to form bonds.

Rather, she only bitches with people who get into fights with Ankita or Vicky.

Later in the night, Anurag and Mannara argue again after which a new day begins. 

In the morning, everyone dances their laziness away as the atmosphere of the house is still tense.

Aishwarya discusses with Abhi and Neil how Ayesha shows a double standard as initially, she scolded Munawar for cheating on her, but now she's politely speaking to him.

Further, Aishwarya questions Ayesha about her relationship status with Munawar to which she replies that they are just housemates and nothing more.

In the washroom area, Isha suspects Munawar likes Ayesha but won't admit it, while Rinku urges Munawar to be clear about his feelings toward her.

Further, Abhi teases Munawar, trying to cheer him up by saying he doesn't see anything wrong with what Munawar did.

BB announces Munawar as the task supervisor, unable to participate due to being last week's captain.

He becomes a strict owner of two apple farms, with teams divided and whenever "Chikni Chameli" plays, Munawar must dance.

Two members per team can collect apples, while stations are set up for box-making, sticker application, and packing approved apples and the supervisors in each team will approve or disapprove the opposition's apples.

Vicky selects Ankita, Isha, Samarth, Mannara, Ayesha, and Aarav for his team while Neil's team consists of Aishwarya, Rinku, Anurag, Abhi, and Arun.

The task kicks off as Samarth and Vicky enter the farm for Vicky's team, while Abhi and Anurag enter from Neil's team.

During inspection time, Munawar asks Aishwarya to go first, initially, she protests, but eventually agrees and goes for the inspection.

Later, Ankita inspects the apples but intentionally ruins one, leading to accusations of cheating from everyone.

In Round 2, contestants gather apples again when Ankita goes for inspection first, rejecting all of Neil's team's boxes.

Similarly, Aishwarya rejects all of Vicky's team's boxes for her team.

BB requests the results, prompting Munawar to declare Vicky's team as the winner, agitating Neil's team.

Further, BB asks the winning team to choose a captain from their team, but Abhi, despite being from the other team, intervenes and manipulates the winning team's decision-making process.

BB reprimands Vicky's team for allowing Abhi to interfere and in response, Ankita and Vicky suggest reaching a mutual decision, leading to Isha being chosen as the captain.

However, this sparks an argument between Abhi and Vicky as Vicky criticizes Abhi for not being mature enough to avoid meddling in others' affairs.

End of Bigg Boss 17 today's episode written update. To download Bigg Boss Season 17 Hindi all episodes or watch the full episode (21 December 2023) online, go to or the Jiocinema App.

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