Bigg Boss 17 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Bigg Boss 17 22nd December 2023 episode starts with Ankita approaching Isha and bringing up the issue of her hypocrisy during the captaincy task.

However, Isha admits to always voting for herself when an option.

Meanwhile, BB checks in on Mannara due to her emotional distress, inquiring about her mental state.

Mannara shares her feelings of being emotionally betrayed and attached to others.

Further, Munawar addresses using the word "hypocrite" towards Mannara, offering a sincere apology but Mannara with a different personality, refuses to accept his apology.

Rinku reads a notice stating that Isha received an Appy fridge filled with cans exclusively for her use as captain, strictly prohibiting anyone else from accessing it.

Samarth and Vicky plan to steal an Appy can from Isha's room, exploiting her captaincy.

Everyone is present in the kitchen area when BB announces that Isha has to do a very special task, making everyone jump in excitement.

BB asks Isha to hit the gong in the kitchen area and see the kitchen timer while everyone gets taken aback to see the timer reset to 0 hours left.

Further, BB scolds the contestants for being lenient about everything and informing Isha about the stealing of Appy Fizz can lead everyone to rebuke Chintu and Vicky for the same.

Munawar asks Isha to punish Samarth by giving him a duty to wash everyone's dishes for a week as due to him, they all will sleep hungry tonight.

Abhi and Samarth engage in a heated argument, with Isha siding with Samarth while also trying to pacify Abhi by advising Samarth against picking fights with him.

Feeling torn between her past and present, Isha breaks down, and Ankita comforts her, unaware that Abhi, sitting nearby, is also quietly in tears.

The next day, Vicky attempts to provoke Abhi by bringing up his past mistake, but everyone ignores his attempts to stir trouble.

Later, Abhi confronts Isha in the kitchen, expressing his displeasure about her praising him in front of Ankita despite knowing he was present.

He intentionally confronts her while Samarth is there, but Isha fearlessly responds to him throughout the exchange.

Further, this leads to a conflict between Isha and Samarth, as Samarth questions her about the situation while Isha, unfazed, tells him to assume whatever he wants.

Later, Ankita asks Isha if she's smiling at Abhi, provoking Isha and she accuses Ankita of fueling a conflict between her and Samarth, mentioning that Samarth is already targeting her.

Inside 'Dum ka Kamra', Vicky attempts to talk to Abhi, but Arun keeps bothering him, leading Vicky to get agitated and stand up abruptly from the bed.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Arun assume he's about to hit Ankita in his frustration and make a big deal out of it, gathering everyone there while Ankita clarifies the situation.

Further, the contestants receive a task from Chings as BB wants Aaora to try Indian noodles.

Ankita and Samarth team up to cook noodles and Manchurian, while Munawar and Aishwarya work together on Paneer tofu and fried rice.

Arun and Aaora choose Munawar and Aishwarya as the winners, awarding them a Chings hamper for their dish.

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